How To Make Rich And Delicious Beetroot Kofta Gravy At Home – Easy Recipe

Are you bored of the same old gravies for lunch and dinner? Are you looking for something flavourful and easy to make? Then this beetroot kofta recipe is a must-try. Delicious kofta malls made of beetroot, potatoes, carrots and paneer are popped into a tomato-onion base with a hint of cashew. But what makes this dish even more irresistible are the masalas added to the koftas themselves – so you get a burst of flavour with every bite. Is your mouth watering already? If you want to give your regular kofta preparation an upgrade, opt for this recipe. We promise you won’t be disappointed.
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How To Make Beetroot Kofta Gravy At Home | Quick And Easy Recipe For Beetroot Kofta Curry


This beetroot kofta recipe uses a wide range of spices that lend it a wonderful aroma. Photo Credit: iStock

Dry roast besan for a minute on low flame. In a bowl, mix grated beetroot, carrot, mashed potatoes, grated paneer, finely chopped mint, coriander and chillies. Add spices like coriander powder, saunf (fennel) powder, red chilli powder and others. Add the besan and combine all ingredients thoroughly. The mixture should be as dry as possible. Make small balls of it and coat them in maida by rolling. Deep fry them until they turn light brown and crisp.

In a blender, mix tomatoes and onions till you get a smooth puree. Heat ghee in a kadhai. Add bay leaves and ginger-garlic paste. Add the puree and turmeric powder, chilli powder, garam masala, etc. Cook on medium flame. Add some warm water and stir all the ingredients well. Once the gravy starts to boil, add the fried koftas to it and cook for a few minutes on lower heat. Add the cream in a circular motion on top. Garnish the kofta curry with coriander leaves and serve it hot with rotis or jeera rice.
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What To Do If Koftas Are Falling Apart?


An ingredient like beetroot can make your mixture moist and cause problems while frying. But you can still fix it. Photo Credit: iStock

The above recipe requires a lot of ingredients and if you don’t combine them properly, you may face a problem. Beetroot and paneer may secrete moisture that may make the kofta mixture rather wet. This may not only make it harder to get firm koftas but may also lead to them absorbing more oil while deep frying. Apart from adding besan/ other flour and rolling the kofta balls in maida, you can also add a small quantity of breadcrumbs to the mixture itself. This will help bind it better and ensure it is dry.
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