How To Make Yummy Lauki (Dudhi) Cheela For A Healthy Meal (Recipe Inside)

Looking for a quick and healthy breakfast? Then you must try making cheelas. Also sometimes spelt “chilla,” this flatbread-type dish can be made using many types of flour. To pack extra nutrition, we suggest adding a veggie to the base. A great option is a wholesome lauki (bottle gourd) cheela. There are many versions of this dish, and recipes may suggest combining grated lauki with rava (semolina), atta (whole wheat flour), or even both. But today, we recommend making a lauki besan cheela. This dish is a yummy way to add more lauki to your diet and makes for an easy breakfast dish. However, there is nothing stopping you from enjoying it at any time of the day. Read more about its benefits below.

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Is Lauki Besan Cheela Healthy?

Here’s why you should consider making this cheela:

1. Lauki contains Vitamin A, B, C, K and E. It also has minerals like manganese, potassium and iron.

2. Besan (gram/ chickpea flour) is rich in protein and its carb content is around half that of regular flour.

3. Lauki helps relieve constipation and besan is also known to have similar benefits.

4. The variety of spices used in this cheela provides you with antioxidants and can help boost immunity.

5. This cheela also contains fresh veggies like onions and tomatoes that increase the overall number of vitamins in this dish.

Is Besan Lauki Cheela Good For Weight Loss?


Besan is also called gram flour.

Besan is a fibre-rich ingredient. It can help you keep up your energy levels and also make you feel fuller for longer. This can help you beat cravings and stick to your weight loss goals. Besan is a rich source of plant-based protein. It is also said to have lower calories than regular flour. As for lauki, it has a very low calorie content but a high water content that keeps you satiated and hydrated. It also has dietary fibre (soluble and insoluble), which makes it an excellent addition to your weight loss diet.

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How To Make Lauki Cheela At Home | Quick And Easy Recipe For Lauki Besan Chilla

In a large bowl, mix besan, grated lauki and ginger-garlic paste. Add spices such as ajwain, cumin, chilli powder and others. Add finely chopped onion, tomato and capsicum (optional). Add salt, sugar and a little water. Combine all ingredients well to form a thick batter. Avoid adding too much water as a runny batter will make it difficult for the cheela to stay intact later.

Heat oil or ghee on a tawa or non-stick pan. Add 2-3 spoons of the batter on top and spread it around carefully in a circle. Add some more oil around the sides. Cook the cheela on both sides on medium flame. Once it turns golden brown and firm, switch off the heat. Serve the cheela hot with hari chutney or ketchup.

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