How To Sharpen Knife At Home- The Ultimate Kitchen Hack You Should Know

There’s nothing more frustrating than working with a blunt knife that doesn’t even slice through something as frail as a tomato. You’ve picked up a whetstone, a knife sharpening kit or a grinding wheel to maintain your knives, but they are never made out of their packaging. Just like you, most of us are too lazy to install these tools and then sharpen the knives, only to be left struggling with no concrete success. For all you kitchen warriors, I am going to reveal a secret weapon in your culinary arsenal: your coffee mug! 

Do you have a ceramic mug or plate at home? Well, that’s all you need! Your mug can keep your knives sharp and ready for action until you figure out a long-term solution.  

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Can You Sharpen A Knife With A Coffee Mug? 

If you look closely, the bottom of most ceramic mugs has a rough, unglazed ring that can be used as a sharpening stone to give your knife a quick tune-up. All you have to do is place the mug upside down on a flat surface, hold the mug firmly in one hand with the handle facing away and strop the edge of your knife across the ring at a 45-degree angle. Keep switching sides after every few strokes. Then simply wash it off with water.  
A word of caution: Always make sure to sharpen the knife away from food and cover the working surface. You don’t want tiny, invisible ceramic particles to drop down into your food and onto your kitchen shelf. That’s why, it is also important to wash your knife properly after sharpening it.  And be extremely careful while sharpening all kinds of knives to avoid cutting your skin and hurting yourself. 

Remember: This coffee mug hack will give your knife a sharp edge in a pinch but it will last only for a few days, then back to square one. So, treat this hack as a short-term solution when you are out of time or out of proper sharpening gadgets.  

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Watch this video to how it’s done:

What Is The Best Way To Sharpen A Knife? 

While this ceramic coffee trick works perfectly in a crisis situation, it would be a good idea to also invest in long-term solutions like an electric sharpener, a grinding wheel or even a whetstone if you can learn how to use it. Meanwhile, this coffee mug hack can be your go-to. 

Now there will never be a dull moment in the kitchen. Next time your knife is dull, just reach for your coffee mug and give those blades a quick honing. PS: You can also use your ceramic plates and bowls with a similar bottom ring. 

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