Ice Cream Made From Snow? Food Bloggers Experiment Leaves Internet Disappointed

Have you ever been able to say no to ice cream? At least we haven’t. This sweet treat is the first love of many, whether it’s extremely hot or biting cold. From creamy chocolate chip and butterscotch to tangy orange ice candies, there are a plethora of ways you can please your soul. You must have tried fresh fruit ice creams made from tender papaya or melon, but have you ever tasted fresh snow ice cream? No, we’re not making this up; a person actually made “snow ice cream” in the mountains of Manali, Himachal Pradesh.
In a video shared on Instagram, a woman scoops some fresh snow from the ground using a bowl. She then opens a can of condensed milk and pours the thick and creamy liquid over the snow. After adding a few drops of vanilla essence, the woman mixes everything in an attempt to make ice cream but ends up with a slurry. She goes ahead to taste it and says that it is more like a “gola” and not ice cream. While the woman could not succeed in making ice cream with fresh snow, she suggested adding a smaller amount of condensed milk. “Honestly, add less condensed milk, and you might just get the ice cream you wanted! It’s a half-pass, so try only if you can carry the condensed milk, spatula, and bowl,” she wrote. Watch the full video below:

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The clip garnered more than 2.6 million views on the platform and prompted many users to react. Some raised hygiene concerns, pointing out that the snow could be unfit to eat. “Is that snow safe because everyone steps on it?” a person asked. Another cautioned, “It’s not safe to eat snow.”

“Lol. Take some ice in a clear bottle and melt it. You can see so many particles suspended. Why, just why,” a comment read.

A fourth person wrote, “Use me a dislike button.”

Another person commented, “Most brainless thing on the internet today!” “That’s way too unhygienic,” added another.

What do you think of this snow ice cream? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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