If Vada Pav Had A LinkedIn Bio… Check Out Swiggys Hilarious Post

Social media has become a part and parcel of our lives. We start our day by scrolling through our Instagram feed and end it by going through Twitter or watching videos on Facebook. Have you ever wondered what would happen if our favourite food items had social media accounts of their own? This was exactly the funny content that the popular food aggregator application Swiggy shared recently. They took to Instagram to share a witty and satirical post, imagining popular food items to have accounts on LinkedIn. Take a look:

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Swiggy shared a carousel with popular food items and how their LinkedIn profile would appear. The first one was vada pav, which they called the ‘brand ambassador’ of Mumbai. A senior street food specialist – who would only engage in ‘spicy chatpata’ conversations, as per the bio. The next food item was dosa, which received the ‘Best breakfast classic’ award consecutively for the last three years. Meanwhile, dhokla was called the favourite snack to serve to guests while rajma chawal was the CEO of comfort food. Similar funny definitions were also given for croissants, chai and pasta! In the very last slide of the carousel post was the LinkedIn bio of the admin of the Swiggy account, asking publicly for a raise.

The hilarious post received over 3.3k likes in a span of just a day. Several left their thoughts in the comments section. The official Instagram account of LinkedIn too responded to the post. “Leaders of today, lunch menu of tomorrow,” they wrote. Some other users requested for LinkedIn pages of their favourite food items. “Where is butter chicken,” demanded one user. “I personally loved the part of dosa collaborating with chutney and sambar,” said another one. A few others petitioned for giving the admin the raise that he or she wanted for creating such witty posts. “Get the admin a raise,” wrote one user.

What did you think of the quirky post by Swiggy? Tell us in the comments.

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