Inside Aly Gonis Dinner With Friends: Fries, Sushi, Pizza, Cutlets And More

Enjoying a scrumptious meal with friends sounds just perfect, right? Delicious food paired with fun chats and laughter gives a wholesome feeling. Wondering what has got us talking about it today? TV actor Aly Goni and his “dinner time” with girlfriend Jasmin Bhasin and friends. In a video via his Instagram Stories, the actor gave us a glimpse of his dinner spread. What’s on the table? Let’s start with the all-time favourite – a big bowl of fries – which was followed by a platter of cutlets, some sushi, and pizza among other things. 
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Aly Goni added a “dinner time” GIF while posting the clip. Here’s a glimpse:


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You don’t necessarily have to step out to enjoy a yummy meal with your friends. After all, you can put your culinary skills to use and prepare a delicious spread right at home. Want to recreate Aly Goni’s dinner with your friends? We have got you the recipes here. So get started


In case you are of the opinion that homemade fries are soggy and boring, try out this easy-peasy recipe to ensure they are long and crisp. Top it off with some peri peri mix and/or cheese. Here’s the recipe.


Presenting a wholesome platter of sushi is sure to impress your guests. What else could you ask for? The look and feel of this tricolour sushi spread will make you drool. Recipe here.


From chicken, and mutton to cottage cheese (paneer) and vegetables, almost anything can be used to make melt-in-mouth cutlets. Give a protein dose to these finger foods, with these yummy recipes.


Gone are the days when baking pizza used to be a tedious task. You can easily prepare this irresistible indulgence at home. With a crispy base topped with sauce and lots of cheese, a classic pizza gets ready easily. Recipe here.


We all have that one friend who is very particular about their health. Making their choices a part of the table, you can add a yummy salad to your spread. Here’s a recipe for a tangy, sweet, and spicy green papaya salad. 

What food is your party incomplete without?
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