Inside Anushka Sharmas South Indian Feast With Husband Virat Kohli – See Pics

Anushka Sharma’s love for South Indian cuisine is no longer a secret. The actress would never miss a chance to relish the classic regional delicacies. And, it came as no surprise that her Saturday binge was all about it. Anushka along with husband, cricketer Virat Kohli and her parents, visited a South India restaurant in Bengaluru. And keeping up with her tradtion, she shared glimpses of it all through social media. In a series of Instagram posts, the actress gave us multiple sneak peeks into her indulgences. First things first, let’s take a glimpse of the menu, which had dishes starting from Rs. 20 up to Rs. 80.

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Let’s move on to her indulgences. She began her meal with a crispy dosa served along with signature coconut chutney and green chutney. 


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Next, we spotted Anushka Sharma relishing some yummy Paddu, which is also known as Paniyaram.

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A meal is definitely incomplete without a sweet dish, right? Anushka opted for kesar bath, which was also served on a plastic plate on a banana leaf. 


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The indulgences didn’t end there. She ended her meal with the popular ice cream treat from the popular ‘Corner House’ ice cream shop at Bengaluru.

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Photo Credit: Instagram

There is a reason why we said that South Indian cuisine always occupies a special place in Anushka Sharma’s heart. No matter what the time of the day it is, the actress is ready to feast her senses on delectable treats from the Southern area. Be it a soft, fluffy idli or a crispy dosa, Anushka Sharma’s gastronomical adventures leave us drooling. Remember when Anushka Sharma gave us a glimpse of her scrumptious podi dosa? On her platter, we spotted a podi dosa, surrounded by what looked like coconut and peanut chutney. We also saw oranges, a dish that looked like vermicelli, along with a spicy curry. Read all about her wholesome meal here.

Love Anushka Sharma’s food endeavours? Share your favourite meal with us in the comments section below. 

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