Introducing Bamboo Biryani: A Unique Take On The Lucknows Classic Dish

Biryani, a beloved one-pot meal enjoyed by millions around the world, needs no introduction. While traditionally made with mutton or chicken, the popularity of this dish has resulted in vegetarian versions as well. It is typically served with accompaniments such as raita, salan, or chutney, and its preparation varies greatly depending on the region.

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Recently, a viral video from Lucknow caught the attention of foodies everywhere. Popular Instagram food bloggers Komal and Abhishek, known as ‘The Foodie Hat,’ shared a clip of the preparation of a unique type of biryani called Bamboo Biryani. “Bamboo Biryani. Have you ever tried this biryani? (Kya apne kabhi try ki hai ye biryani?)” he wrote in the caption.

In the video, the method of making the biryani is showcased, which involves using bamboo to cook the dish. The chicken is mixed with spices, oil, salt, and curd before being added to the bamboo. Boiled rice is then added, and a yellow colour is sprinkled on top before it is sealed with a cap. The bamboo is then cooked over a low flame of coal until the biryani is fully cooked.

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This video has garnered more than 4k likes and comments, leaving viewers curious about this unique take on the classic dish.

Bamboo Biryani offers a new twist on a beloved recipe, and food lovers are eager to try it out for themselves. What did you think after watching this video, tell us in the comments below.

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