Is Cadbury Bournvita Healthy? Viral Video Stirs Up Twitter Debate

During our childhood days, many of us enjoyed drinking Cadbury Bournvita, a chocolate-flavoured drink that was a go-to beverage for us. Even today, many people continue to drink Bournvita. The popularity is such that various restaurants have it on their drinks menu. However, have you ever wondered whether Bournvita is good for your health? A recent video that has gained significant attention on social media features a man claiming that this ‘health’ drink is actually quite unhealthy. The video has generated various responses on social media, prompting the company to issue a formal statement to address the concerns.

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The now-viral video was shared on Twitter by @rishibagree. It shows a man making accusations that Cadbury Bournvita lacks nutrients that contribute to the healthy functioning of the immune system, despite its packaging claims. Instead, the product contains a high sugar content that could lead to diabetes if ingested regularly. In the video, he suggests changing Bournvita’s tagline, “taiyari jeet ki,” to “taiyari diabetes ki” to reflect its negative impact on health. “A very important video message that every parent and individual should see,” read the caption of the post. You can watch the full video here:

Twitter users were quick to respond to the video and expressed their concerns about the drink in the comments section. Since its posting, it has garnered over 1 million views, 8K retweets, and thousands of comments. One person wrote, “Almost all multinational’s supplements are garbage is proven by their nutrition values and resource base. @moayush should make an awareness program regarding this extortion marketing of unhealthy food supplements.”

“The problem lies within the country itself. Not enough is done to crack down on such false claims. Most of the products are of substandard taste and quality compared to their foreign counterparts,” expressed another.

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Take a look at some other reactions:

Following the video’s widespread circulation, Bournvita released a statement on Instagram to address concerns about their product. Their post presents a detailed list of the vitamins and nutrients contained in the drink. Additionally, the company stated that they have been mentioning “Helps with the healthy functioning of the immune system” on their packaging for several years, well before the Covid-19 pandemic’s onset. Take a look:

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