Jaipur Couple Sells 10 Puris With Sabzi For Just Rs 30. Viral Video Wins Praise

Street food in India has always been an attraction, but of late, we have also been noticing the people who sell it. These people tell some great stories that melt our hearts. It is inspiring to see some of them working hard to make ends meet. We have also come across some street food vendors who gave up their high-paying jobs to follow their passion for food. Obviously, earning a livelihood is the main motive. But this couple from Jaipur seems to focus more on serving than earning. 

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The husband-wife duo runs a roadside street food stall in Jaipur, selling a meal of puri sabzi. For just Rs 30, they offer a plate of sabzi paired with 10 puris! And for Rs 10, you can get a bowl of raita to go with the meal. A video about this generous couple is going viral on Facebook. The video was posted on the handle ‘Foodies.aao’ and was captioned, “Hardworking couple selling puri sabzi for Rs 30 – Jaipur street food.” Take a look:

In the video, the couple reveals that they start working in the morning at 7:30 am and until 2 pm in the afternoon. With pooris, they give the option to take either aloo sabzi or chole, pricing remains the same at Rs 30. Tomato and garlic chutney is also given on the side. The best part is that the puris are fried fresh as and when the order comes. Customers standing at the stall vouch for the taste of the meal. A person insisted that “you should try it, and you’ll love it.”

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The Facebook video has gone viral now with 926k views and over 5k likes so far. Viewers are impressed that the couple is serving delicious and filling food for the needy at a very reasonable price. Some of the comments read:

“He is doing a good deed. He turns out to be God, a full meal for the poor for thirty rupees.”
“Brother, it is very cheap; eat from such people who do hard work.”
“Bahut hi achchha aur sasta bhi” (Its’ very good and cheap too)
“Jaipur jainge to jarur Jainge hum” (Will visit the stall on our next trip to Jaipur)
“Kya bachta hoga, good job” (They must not be earning much, good job)

Have you been to this street food stall in Jaipur?

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