Johns Breakfast: Cafe Names Food After Their Best Customer. Watch His Reaction

We all tend to have our favourite restaurants and a particular dish on the menu that touches our soul every single time. In fact, that particular dish becomes a comfort food after a while. Right? It was no different for an elderly person from Ireland, named John. Reportedly, John has been visiting a cafe named Grangecon Kitchen for years, where he orders the same breakfast platter almost every day. This was just another incident until recently when the cafe in Ireland decided to honour their loyal patron with a beautiful surprise. They named the dish after John – the platter is now called ‘John’s Breakfast’! And needless to say, John was delighted to see his name on the menu. Grangecon Kitchen captured his priceless reaction and share it on their official Instagram handle.
“Almost every day John (our best customer!) visits us for breakfast and orders his fry-up. So after years of dockets going into the chef for ‘John’s Breakfast’ we decided to just put it on the menu for everyone to order John’s breakfast! Here’s a clip of when he sees it on the menu for the first time today!” the caption read.
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Watch the video here:

In the video, we could see John, all suited up, walking towards the cafe to have his breakfast. That’s when he saw his name on the menu and was all smiles. The next clip had a glimpse of what ‘John’s Breakfast’ looks like. The platter includes half-boiled eggs, sausages, and roasted vegetables.
The video in no time grabbed attention on Instagram and people reacted to it with likes, love emojis and heartfelt comments.
“This is the stuff I want to see on the daily via socials. Wholesome content. Look how happy he is, brilliant,” read a comment. Another person stated, “This is a lovely tribute to John. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him a few times I’ve been to you for food. He’s a treasure. Isn’t it lovely he has somewhere so welcoming to go for a chat and a bit of company?! I bet he’s delighted!”
A third comment read, “This is the kind of story we need more of on the internet.” Another person stated, “Well, this made my day! Will make sure to visit next time I pass your way and order John’s breakfast.”
How did you find this video and the cafe’s one-of-a-kind gesture? If you have any such soul-stirring story, share it with us in the comments below.

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