King Charles Coronation: UK Artist Makes Portrait With Toast And Spread

Britain is geared up for an exciting weekend as King Charles III will officially ascend the throne. On May 6, 2023, the grand coronation ceremony will commence in London. People all over the world are eagerly awaiting the procession and developments from Buckingham Palace. Food will also form an integral part of King Charles’ Coronation in the celebratory ‘Big Coronation Lunch’. Meanwhile, artists are paying tribute to the ceremony in their own special way. A UK-based artist named Nathan Wyburn created a portrait of the king using a British classic – toast and marmite spread. Take a look:

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The video was shared on Instagram reels, where it received over 37.2k views and hundreds of comments and likes. “To celebrate the King’s Coronation, I am working with marmite (a British savoury food spread based) to raise a ‘TOAST’ to the King,” wrote the artist in the caption. The entire process of making the portrait was shown in the video by the artist Nathan Wyburn. First, he prepared the toasts in batches of four. He arranged them to form a foodie canvas. Then, he spread the brown-coloured marmite paste on the toast to make the stunning portrait of King Charles. The method of making it was quite interesting and the end results too looked absolutely realistic and unbelievable!
A number of Instagram users reacted to the video of King Charles’ portrait. “Fascinating,” said one while another wrote, “Amazing!” Several praised the UK artist for his skill and talent. “Just seen this on the news – had to track you down and salute you!”
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