Kitchen Tips: How To Properly Clean Kitchen Knives – Process, Tips And Tricks

The right kind of tools and equipment can go a long way in making our food taste delicious. Whether it is a mixer grinder or merely a chopping board, all these are essential to complete food preparation before we dive into cooking. When it comes to kitchen tools, the right kind of knife can be quite useful in various processes including peeling, cutting, chopping, paring and fileting. After we have chosen the correct knife as per our needs, it is also vital to keep these knives clean so that they can function properly.

Which Is The Best Cleaning Agent For Knives?

The right kind of knife can make the world of a difference to your cooking. But knife maintenance and cleanliness are also equally important. You do not need any fancy cleaning solution for knives, as may be a common notion. A simple solution of dishwashing soap combined with lukewarm water can do the trick. This is probably the simplest and the best cleaning agent for knives.

Which Kitchen Ingredients Can Be Used To Remove Rust From Knives?

Luckily, stainless steel knives in the market today are mostly rust-free, but even then, they do require proper cleaning and maintenance. Sometimes, kitchen knives can accumulate rust which is when certain kitchen ingredients can come into the picture. To remove rust from knives, you can use a baking soda paste or else even squeeze some lemon juice on it. Even diluted vinegar can be a good kitchen ingredient to remove rust from knives.

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Clean up your paring knife to retain sharpness and effectiveness. Photo Credit: iStock

Step-By-Step Process To Properly Clean Kitchen Knives

It is essential to properly clean your knives after they are used to ensure longevity and good performance. If the knives are not cleaned properly, they may collect rust or become ineffective at cutting.

To properly clean kitchen knives, follow these steps:

Step 1: Hold the knife with the grip using two fingers. Take the support of a stable surface like a countertop if you require it.

Step 2: Using a sponge and warm water, scrub away food particles carefully. Make sure you go slowly else you may injure yourself.

Step 3: If the food stains still don’t come off, you can soak the knife for some time in soapy water till the grease comes off.

Step 4: Rinse the knife under running water until the soap is completely removed and the knife is clean.

Step 5: Dry the knife with a cloth or paper towel and then store it in a clean place.

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The cleaner your knife is, the better it will be able to function. Photo Credit: iStock

Quick And Easy Tips And Tricks To Clean Knives

Now that you are familiar with the cleaning process of knives, it is important to keep certain tips in mind. These tips will ensure that your knives are clean and shiny and remain effective after cutting and rigorous usage too.

Here Are 5 Important Tips To Make Knives As Good As New:

  • Clean Immediately – Do not wait to wash knives for too long. This is because the food particles on them can cause rusting if allowed to stick for longer durations. Thus, wash up the knives immediately after you use them.
  • Wash By Hand – It is a good idea to wash knives by hand rather than piling them up in the dishwasher. The harsh cleaning liquid used in this appliance may cause dullness and rust in knives. Further, it may clash with other utensils, causing the sharpness to reduce.
  • Remove Rust – If you spot knives rusting, you can use a quick kitchen hack to reduce it. Simply make a paste of baking soda and water and rub it on the rusted spots. Let it sit for an hour, then clean it with water to get a shiny and rust-free knife.
  • Use Sponge – Rather than steel wool, it is a better idea to use a sponge for cleaning knives. This is because steel can damage the blade and cause its sharpness to reduce.
  • Storing – After cleaning, it is vital to store knives properly. Make sure the knives are completely dry before storage. Store them in a separate drawer or a wooden cube so that they last longer.

So, keep your knives sparkly and in good shape for all your cutting and chopping needs!

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