Kitkat With No Crunch: Woman Bites Into A Kitkat Just To Find…Nothing!

What makes Kitkat different from all other chocolate bars out there? The unanimous reply will be the wafer inside it. Thick, crunchy wafer, with a rich coating of chocolate, Kitkat helps you enjoy the perfect crunch with every bite. But what if you find no wafer inside a Kitkat? Sounds absurd, right? Believe it or not, that’s exactly what a person named Keely McGrath experienced recently and she took to social media to share her disappointment. Let us tell you the story from the beginning. According to the Mirror, Keely, who is a content creator and a bartender from Australia, recently bought a packet of Kitkat and gave it a bite just to realise that the “best part” of the chocolate was missing- her Kitkat had no wafer inside!

The report further states that she took to social media to share the incident (the video is no more available now). “My Kitkat has no kat in it. There is no wafer,” she said. The Daily Star further reported that Kelly thinks some people might find it like getting “food lottery”, but for a person like her who doesn’t like chocolate, it was an annoying affair instead. If you thought this to be a one-in-a-million situation, then let us tell you, Keely is no stranger to the incident.

She said that few years ago, she got four packets of Kitkat, none of which had wafers inside. In fact, back then Keely had hurt her tooth due to massive block of hard chocolate.

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As per a Daily Mail report, people reacted to this unique incident on social media. While some thought it to be the perfect situation to enjoy more chocolate, some felt sorry for her.

“I dream of this – the chocolate is the best part,” a person wrote, while another comment read, “That happened to me once and I thought I was going insane.”

How would you react if you find your Kitkat bar with no wafer? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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