Lemon Rice And More: 7 Quick Rice Recipes Ready Under 30 Minutes

Whenever we are in doubt about what to cook, rice is one food that always pops into our minds. The humble grain is not just easy to prepare but also extremely versatile. You can have it with dal, enjoy it with flavours like tomato or tamarind, or even make pulao or biryani with it. Rice is also extremely quick to make as you can put together a rice-based dish in a matter of just thirty minutes. We have collated a list of quick and easy rice recipes that are ideal for days when you just don’t want to cook.

Here Are 7 Quick Rice Recipes Ready In Under 30 Minutes:

1. Lemon Rice

Lemon is one of the most-loved flavouring agents of Indian cuisine. Make lemonade with it, or add it to salads – there is so much you can do. This quick and easy lemon rice recipe is ready in just twenty minutes. Further, it has an additional flavour of whole spices and a crunch from peanuts and fried dal. Click here for the full recipe for Lemon Rice.

2. Coconut Milk Rice

Coconut lovers would agree that coconut milk rice is the most comforting meal. Just like curd rice, this recipe has a creamy texture and the subtle flavours of coconut. This one-pot recipe can be prepared in a pressure cooker in a matter of just thirty minutes. Find the full recipe for Coconut Milk Rice here.

3. Cucumber Curd Rice

Amp up your curd rice with the goodness of cucumber! A light and healthy vegetable, it will fill you up in no time and add an element of freshness to your meal. Cucumber is grated and mixed with cooked rice, curd and spices to make this wholesome treat. Click here for the full recipe for Cucumber Curd Rice.

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Curd rice is amped up with the goodness of cucumber. Photo Credit: Pexels

4. Ghee Rice

Ghee rice is the ideal recipe for those who like to keep it simple. Roasted cashew nuts and raisins pair well with the goodness of ghee in this easy recipe. You can enjoy it by itself, or pair it with dal or leftover chicken curry too. Find the full recipe for Ghee Rice here.

5. Imli Rice

Also known as tamarind rice or Puliyodharayi, this tangy recipe is one of the favourites among all age groups. Infused with tamarind pulp’s flavours and a bit of jaggery for sweetness, this imli rice is one of the easiest and most delicious rice recipes. Click here for the full recipe for Imli Rice.

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tamarind rice

Imli pulp makes this dish tangy and wholesome. Photo: iStock

6. Tomato Rice

If you are looking for a beginner-friendly recipe that is ready quickly and instantly, tomato rice is the way to go. Just chop up onions and tomatoes, mix in spices, add the rice and your dish is ready. Pair it with yogurt and chutney and you have a winner! Find the full recipe for Tomato Rice here.

7. Peanut Rice

Made with leftover rice, it is also known as verkadalai sadam in the South. Peanuts are of course the show-stealer of this dish, but it also has some interesting elements like desiccated coconut, sesame seeds and a pinch of asafoetida. Click here for the full recipe for Peanut Rice.

So, say bye-bye to hours of slaving next to the stove and enjoy these quick and easy rice recipes that are ready in an instant!

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