Love Maharashtrian Food? Try These 7 Easy Recipes Ready In Under 30 Minutes

Quick Maharashtrian Recipes: Many of us like trying authentic dishes from other states of the country, and Maharashtrian cuisine is one of the most popular choices. Many yummy delicacies originate from this western state of India. Whether it’s snacks, sabzis, curries, desserts or drinks, Maharashtrian cuisine has something delicious in each category. If you are looking to try making some of these dishes at home, we recommend starting with the easiest and quickest ones. We have come up with a list of tasty Maharashtrian dishes you can make in under half an hour. Check them out below.

Here Are 7 Easy Maharashtrian Recipes Ready In 30 Minutes Or Lesser:

1. Thalipeeth


Thalipeeth is like a spiced flatbread containing the goodness of many grains. Photo Credit: Toshita Sahni

Thalipith (sometimes spelt “Thalipeeth”) is a kind of spiced flatbread made using a combination of different types of flours. This recipe, for instance, uses whole wheat flour (atta), rice flour, bajra flour and chickpea flour (besan). Simple spices are added to give it a delicious kick. Thalipeeth makes for a truly wholesome meal and can be paired with curds or chutney. Top it with a little white butter, if you have some. Click here for the full recipe for Thalipith.

2. Kothimbir Vadi

This is one of the most popular Maharashtrian snacks. Kothimbir Vadi is made using coriander (dhania), besan and spices. The vadis are first steamed and then deep-fried. Some recipes use potatoes, but this one doesn’t. You can prepare this yummy snack in as less as 20 minutes – so try it soon. Find the recipe here.

3. Batata Vada

This is another famous snack from Maharashtra and is basically the vada used in the making of vada pav. But the vada itself can be savoured as a yummy treat in itself, preferably with chutney and onions. Batata vadas are basically potato balls that are coated in a spiced besan batter and then deep-fried. Find the complete recipe here.

4. Kanda Poha


Best Maharashtrian Recipes: Poha is an all-time favourite breakfast dish. Photo Credit: iStock

Maharashtrian poha has multiple versions (You can check out the full list here). But Kanda Poha is one of the easiest ones to prepare. Apart from the flattened rice (poha) and onions (kanda), this dish typically contains peanuts, mustard, coriander and common spices. Some recipes also add potatoes (making it kanda-batata poha) and garnish it with grated coconut. Check out the cooking tips and recipe video for Kanda Poha here.
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5. Patti Samosa

Want to enjoy your poha in a totally different way? Then you should try making Maharashtrian-style poha patti samosas. This snack has a lightly spicy poha filling and a thin, crisp covering (“patti”) that can be bought from stores or made at home. Click here for the recipe for this unique samosa.

6. Zunka Bhakri


Zunka is a unique type of bhaji dish you can relish for lunch or dinner. Photo Credit: iStock

Another lesser-known delicacy is zunka bhakri. This delicacy is made using onions, besan, coriander, curry leaves and a wide range of spices. It is a sabzi-like preparation usually enjoyed with rice/ jowar bhakri or chapati. When you want a quick lunch or dinner dish next time, try making zunka. Find the full recipe here.

7. Maharashtrian Kadhi

There are many ways of making kadhi and different regions in India take pride in their own version. Maharashtrian kadhi is light and flavourful and doesn’t contain pakoras or a main vegetable. Enjoy it with some plain, steamed rice for a comforting meal. Check out the recipe here.

Try making one of these delicacies soon and let us know how you like it.
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