Love Sindhi Kadhi? Youll Fall In Love With The Sindhi Dal Kadhi Too

There’s something very refreshing about a bowl of kadhi that makes us fall for it time and again. It is, in fact, one of the few dishes that we can have on repeat without any complaint. Why? Kadhi is light, comforting, and can be made in more than one way. If you explore, you would find a variety of kadhi recipes across India. According to food historians, kadhi finds its roots in a Rajasthani kitchen, which then travelled throughout the country and got modified as per the palate of the locals. Take Sindhi Kadhi, for instance. It includes a variety of seasonal vegetables and makes for a wholesome meal when paired with rice. Sindhi kadhi is probably one of the most popular dishes, defining the cuisine for all. But did you know the hearty dish has its variations as well? You heard us. We bring you one such Sindhi kadhi variation that includes the goodness of dal in it. It’s called the Sindhi dal kadhi.

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Sindhi Kadhi Vs Sindhi Dal Kadhi: What Are The Similarities and Differences Between the Two?


Sindhi Kadhi can be eaten with rice.

What is the similarity between Sindhi Kadhi and Sindhi Dal Kadhi?

For the world, Sindhi kadhi is synonymous with Sindhi cuisine. It includes besan, spices, and a variety of vegetables that pack your meal with nutrients. Much like Sindhi kadhi, the dal kadhi also includes various vegetables and spices in it. For both, you can customize the vegetables as per your choice and adjust the spice level as well. You can pair both dishes with rice and relish.

What is the difference between Sindhi Kadhi and Sindhi Dal Kadhi?

To put it simply, the difference between the two dishes lies in the name. While Sindhi kadhi is made of besan and water, the Sindhi dal kadhi includes protein-packed dal – toor dal – in it. There’s some difference in the texture too. While Sindhi kadhi has a runny texture, the latter has some thickness to it (due to the boiled dal).

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Sindhi Dal Kadhi Recipe | How To Make Sindhi Dal Kadhi For Lunch:

Now that we spoke so much about Sindhi dal kadhi, how about learning the recipe and making some for the next meal? The Sindhi dal kadhi recipe is quite similar to the regular Sindhi kadhi. You just have to add some boiled dal to the recipe for added taste, texture, and goodness.

To start with, boil soaked toor dal and keep aside. Then, prepare a masala mix with hing, ginger, chilli, and some basic spices. Then, add besan to it and fry. Finally, add dal, vegetables, and water (if needed) and boil everything together. Finally, add some tanginess, garnish with coriander leaves, and serve hot, with a bowl of steamed rice.

Click here for the detailed recipe of Sindhi dal kadhi.

Try this recipe and let us know how you liked it. Meanwhile, here are some popular Sindhi recipes for you to consider. Click here to know more.

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