Madhuri Dixits Husband And Paytm CEO Share A Special “Vada Pav Moment” In Mumbai

Vada pav is one of the most beloved Maharashtrian snacks, a wholesome and spicy desi-style burger that’s an absolute treat for the taste buds. It’s worth noting that Michelin Star chefs have rated vada pav as one of the world’s best burgers. Recently, Dr. Shriram Nene, the husband of Madhuri Dixit, was spotted relishing this popular snack with Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma in Mumbai. Dr. Nene took to Twitter to share a picture of his “vada pav moment” at Swati Snacks, where he enjoyed the dish with tall glasses of juice and a cup of chai. He tweeted, “Our vada pav moment at #swatisnack. The company made the experience unforgettable.” Vijay Shekhar Sharma quote-tweeted his post, saying, “I call it the ‘poor man’s’ vada-pao moment.” Take a look:

The photo has quickly grabbed the attention of foodies everywhere. In reference to Madhuri Dixit’s previous vada pav binge session with Tim Cook at the same cafe, one user wrote, “The Nene-Dixit duo should be appointed Global Vada Pav ambassadors, which would give a big boost to domestic and international tourism.

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“One user was curious about the beverages being served, asking, ‘Are those glasses filled with sugar cane juice or lassi?”

“A user put a spin on the popular saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” and wrote, ”Is it the doctor’s way to recommend one vada pav a day?”

Earlier this year, Madhuri Dixit took Apple CEO Tim Cook to a special vada pav treat in Mumbai. Cook was in India to launch the company’s first-ever retail stores in Mumbai and Delhi. In the picture, Dixit and Cook are sharing a candid moment as they enjoy vada pav, with a plate of green and tamarind dips visible in the background. Sharing the photo on Twitter, the actress wrote, ”Can’t think of a better welcome to Mumbai than Vada Pav!” Cook replied with a note of appreciation, writing, ”Thanks, @madhuridixit, for introducing me to my very first Vada Pav — it was delicious!”

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