Man Shares Photo After Buying Out Vegetable Vendors Entire Stock, Harsh Goenka Reacts

The internet offers a vast array of content, but amidst it all, acts of kindness and benevolence undoubtedly stand out and receive praise. Unfortunately, not many people have the courage or the inclination to go out of their way and offer help to someone in need. Although such acts often receive admiration on the internet, sometimes they can also attract negative attention if seen as being publicised for self-promotion. One recent post sharing such an act received criticism for being shared online and also drew a piece of advice from Harsh Goenka, the chairman of RPG Enterprises.

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Twitter user @PavanKaushik3 shared a photo of his own act of kindness on the micro-blogging platform. In the picture, he can be seen posing with a vegetable vendor after buying out all her stock. The woman was selling peas on the side of the road. He wrote in the caption, “One day, I met Amma Ji sitting on the side of the road selling peas. I decided to purchase all the peas without bargaining and asked her to take rest. It feels amazing to help others. Some acknowledge it, and some still question it. @hvgoenka #Motivation #helpinghand.” Take a look at the post here:

The tweet received a response from Harsh Goenka, the chairman of RPG Enterprises, who advised the Twitter user to avoid capturing acts of kindness on camera. “My advice is, if you do good, never capture it on camera,” Goenka commented. Take a look:

Although some commenters appreciated his kind act in the comments section, others expressed opinions in line with Harsh Goenka’s advice. One person wrote, “Good thing is you documented everything! Next time, try without the pictures and see if you feel any differently.”

Another person wrote, “That lady too has dignity. No right to display her face on social media for your cheap publicity.”

A third person commented, “Sir, we need more of your kind. It’s not about power, money or the position we hold but it’s about how compassionate we are. It’s all about how caring and empathetic we are. Thank you so much for such a kind gesture.”

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Here’s how other people reacted to the post:

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