Mango Mania All Over! Try This Spicy Mango Drink And Relish The Summer

The season of mangoes has come and now it is time to go crazy. Mangoes can be enjoyed in whatever way you want. Squeeze the juice out of them, make a mango sorbet or get a bit messy and gorge on the fruit. Undoubtedly, the best way to make the most of summer is to eat mangoes. If you have already loaded your refrigerator with dasheri, alphonso, and langda mangoes and thinking of making something innovative, then we have got your back.

Chef Saloni Kukreja, in an Instagram Reels, shared the recipe for an ultimate summer mango drink – a frozen mango chilli margarita. Sounds amazing, right? So now look at how it is made.

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How To Make Frozen Mango Chilli Margarita?

Take a blender and toss in 1.5 cups of frozen mangoes along with lime juice, tequila, honey, chopped chilli, and pinch of salt. Also, add some ice cubes and blend to form a smooth paste. On a plate, mix salt, red chilli powder, sugar, and citric powder together and coat the rim of a glass using the mixture. Pour your mango drink into the glass and top it up with a slice of jalapeno.

Watch the detailed recipe video below:

Looking for more mango drinks to make this summer? Do not worry, we have no dearth of options. Below are some more recipes to try.

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Here’re 5 Mango Drinks For You To Try:

1. Mango Lassi:

How can we forget our beloved mango lassi? It is sweet, creamy and leaves you with no room to eat drink anything else. It is easy to make and an absolute delight to drink. View the recipe here.

2. Mango And Peach White Iced Tea:

Here is another drink to quench your thirst in this hot weather. Here iced tea gets the lip-smacking flavours of mangoes resulting in a refreshing concoction. Find the recipe here.

3. Mango Kiwi Fuzz:

Beating the heat has never been this yummy. Mango kiwi fizz has the tanginess of mangoes and the sweetness of kiwis. Making it too is pretty easy. Follow this recipe.

4. Mango Sharbat:

Mango sharbat is a glass packed with the goodness and taste of the king of fruits. What is special about this recipe is that you don’t need more than two mangoes to make the sharbat. Click here for the recipe.

5. Mango Squash:

Mango squash is a quick mango drink made with just mango juice, mangoes, sugar, and lemon juice. So what are you waiting for? Just stat peeling those mangoes and enjoy your summer. Find recipe inside.

Try these delicious mango recipes and enjoy!

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