Mango Shake Or Lassi? Sonam Kapoor Reveals Which Type Of Person She Is

Amid the sweltering heat of summer, it is a chilled glass of your favourite drink that cools down the body from the inside. No air conditioner satisfies the soul as much as some ice-cold lemonade or fruity soda. But what our desi people’s hearts long for is some Indian drinks, especially, rich mango shakes and thick lassi. When it’s so hot and humid outside, we just can’t choose between the two and feel like guzzling down everything cold within our reach. If you relate to this then Sonam Kapoor’s latest Instagram post will definitely resonate with you.

On her Instagram Stories, the actor shared a photo featuring a glass of mango shake and lassi with a question that read, “Which type of person are you?” Wondering what Sonam Kapoor likes? Well, she answered with, “I’m both!”

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Now while you figure out what pleases you more, let us give you some desi drinks recipes so that you easily quench your thirst whenever needed.  

Here’re 5 Desi Summer Drinks To Enjoy In Summer:

1. Mango lassi

No one hates a chilled glass of lassi and mangoes are everyone’s favourite. So, don’t wait anymore and make this delicious mango lassi. All you need is some creamy yogurt, mango, and loads of ice. Click here for the recipe.

2. Lassi

Classic lassi has always been a part of our summer diet. Even if the meal is boring, just prepare some lassi and you are set to enjoy your food. You can either make it sweet or salty. Recipe inside.

3. Mango smoothie

If you need a summer cooler to beat the heat then grab some mangoes, take a glass of chilled milk and make some creamy smoothie. Recipe here.

4. Sattu sherbet

This is another desi drink that can cool down your body in the most effective way. It has chopped onions, lemon, and green chillies, which makes the drink absolutely lip-smacking. Follow the recipe here.

5. Aam panna

If you think the mango smoothie is too sweet for you then make this tangy aam panna. Jeera and mint leaves will keep you refreshed while mango pulp gives the drink its distinct flavour. Recipe here.

Happy Summer!

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