MBA Food Wali Gave Up Job To Open Food Stall On Scooty, Shares Her Story In Video

Street food stalls can be a lucrative business, that’s why we see graduates and postgraduates giving up corporate jobs to set up food stalls. MBA Chaiwala, MA English Chaiwali and other such success stories paved way for another one – MBA Food Wali. Thirty-year-old Fatima studied MBA but gave up her job to set up her own business, with the support of her husband and other family members. She opened up a street food stall on a two-wheeler, which she calls ‘Scooty Cart’, in Siliguri, West Bengal. She is now making news for the unique set-up but not-so-unique name.

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In a video on her YouTube channel, Fatima admitted that she just followed the trend to name her shop ‘MBA Food Wali’. “I love cooking food and I am an MBA, so I kept this name to cash in on the current trend,” she said. Her stall sells varied food items like kheer, dahi vada, golgappa, chaat, biryani, kebab roll and burger. Her Instagram profile reveals that she also takes on the role of a food vlogger.

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When asked how difficult it was to leave her job and open a food stall, Fatima agreed, “It was a tough decision, but it’s difficult only till you don’t start; once you jump into it, the fear is gone.”

Fatima also revealed that she didn’t want to depend on anyone for assistance with her business. “I wanted to be self-reliant, so I bought the scooter out of my savings, as I could also use the vehicle to go to markets to purchase foods and ingredients.”

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There are many other people who are trying to start their own street food stalls and make them a success. ‘MBA Food Wali’ dished out a few suggestions for all of them. She said it’s always better to pick foods to sell according to the weather. For instance, sell cold items like kheer in summer. She also advised to go for dishes that can stay fresh for a long time because sales, in the beginning, could be slow. 

Now that’s her MBA-trained mind thinking out loud! Are you also impressed with MBA Food Wali’s business idea? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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