Meat Lovers Shopping Guide: Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Meat

Do you like to buy meat yourself to cook your meals? When it comes to cooking meat-based dishes, the quality of raw meat plays a crucial role. Good quality meat not only provides us with optimal nutrition but also enhances the taste of the meal. And let’s not forget how stale meat can be harmful to our health. We know selecting the right meat can be a confusing task, especially if you’re new to it. To make meat shopping easier for you, we have got essential tips to bear in mind when buying raw meat. Now bring home the freshest and finest cuts for your culinary creations.  

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Master the Art of Buying Raw Meat with These 7 Tips:

1. Look At The Colour: 

Checking the colour of raw meat is important to ascertain its freshness. For mutton, look for a bright red hue. Buy poultry like a chicken with light pink or white colour. Pork should always have a pale pink colour. But if any of the meats appear unusually dark, it may be old. Watch out for greenish and greyish tones; these are signs of spoilage. 

2. Touch To Check Texture: 

When purchasing raw meat, ensure it is firm to the touch. One way to check is by pressing gently with your finger. If the meat springs back, it is good to pick but if pressing leaves a crater, just leave it. Also, put aside meat that feels a bit too soft as it could be spoilt.   

3. Take A Whiff 

Although poultry meat generally lacks a distinct smell, sometimes it may emit a subtly sweet aroma. But if the aroma is foul, pungent or unpleasant, it should be left alone. 

4. Assess Its Marbling: 

Marbling refers to the white streaks of fat that are clearly visible on the meat. Marbled meat tends to be more tender, juicy and flavourful. So pick meats that have the fat fibres evenly distributed.  

5. Choose Skinless Varieties 

Meat skin is full of saturated fats that are high in calories and can increase the risk of heart problems. It is always healthier to consume meat without the skin. 

6. Check Compliance With Food Safety Standards 

For all kinds of foods, adhering to food safety standards is crucial. When purchasing packaged meat in India, ensure that it has the approval mark of the Food Safety And Standards Authority Of India (FSSAI). 

7. See If It’s Properly Packed 

Proper packaging preserves the quality of raw meat. Ideally, it should be stored in vacuum-sealed packaging, as it helps to keep the meat fresh and prevents the growth of bacteria. If you spot holes, you can assume that the meat has been exposed to air and could be contaminated.  

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It is important to use fresh and quality meat in your meals. Image Credit: iStock

How Do You Find The Best Meat? 

Go to a trusted butcher or meat shop that claims to sell farm-raised, grass-fed meat. Check their reputation and skim through reviews, if possible. These days, hormones may be injected into the animals for larger production. It is best to avoid it. 

Enjoy your non-veg meals but remember to get quality and fresh meats to ensure a delicious dining experience. 

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