Michelle Obama Launches Food And Drink Brand Aimed At Improving Child Nutrition

Michelle Obama, who advocated children’s health and nutrition during her tenure as the first lady of the United States, recently announced the launch of her new food-and-beverage brand PLEZi Nutrition. Reports in multiple news outlets state that she is working as the co-founder and strategic advisor for the company that focuses on offering low-sugar, nutrient-dense foods and drinks for kids. According to her, the brand serves as an extension of her ‘Let’s Move!’ campaign that she launched as the first lady of the United States to fight issues like childhood obesity, the reports add.
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Speaking about her initiative, Michelle Obama writes on the company’s website, “I’ve learnt that if you want to change the game on this issue (read: health issue), you just can’t rally support from the outside. You’ve got to get inside. You’ve got to find ways to change the food and beverage industry itself. So that’s exactly what I am doing.”
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Reportedly, PLEZi’s first product is a drink (called PLEZi) for kids, aged between six and 12. “We’re starting with a beverage because we know how much concern parents and paediatricians have about sugary drinks,” Michelle Obama further writes on the company’s website. According to her, the drink includes 75 per cent less sugar than several other beverages available in the market and is also packed with nutrients like fibre, magnesium, zinc and potassium. As per reports, the drink will be available in various flavours including blueberry, orange and apple. “A four-pack of eight-ounce (approx. 236ml) drinks will cost just under four dollars,” the reports add.
Further speaking about healthy food choices for kids, Michelle Obama mentions that “water and milk, along with fruits and vegetables” are still the best options for kids, especially the ones aged between one and five.

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