Mindy Kaling Reveals She Keeps Snacks Ready For The Office Co-Star BJ Novak

There was a time when snacking in between meals was shunned by people. The fact that you feel hungry before or after your meal means that you did not eat enough, as was commonly believed. Now, however, eating small snacks at regular intervals throughout the day is actually recommended to keep the metabolic rate up. Rather than having three huge meals, snacking on fruits, nuts, seeds and berries is actually said to be good for you. Actor-producer Mindy Kaling too is a strong believer in this philosophy and we have found proof of her love for snacking.
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In an interview with home improvement magazine ‘Better Homes and Gardens’, Mindy Kaling spoke at length about her love for snacking and how her home is always well-equipped with all kinds of treats. “What special touches make a house feel like a home to you,” she was asked in the interview. Kaling revealed that the Indian-American in her loves it when a kitchen isn’t pristine and there are always snacks laid out for unexpected guests.
“Just being able to see a bag of chips, or a box of Dunkin Donuts munchkins, or a box of little chocolate chip cookies from Entenmann’s out on the counter, so someone can come in and take a snack. I want to have a tacit policy in my house that you can help yourself. You don’t even need to get a napkin or a plate. Just get a snack,” said Mindy Kaling in the interview.
Mindy Kaling also said that her co-star from the American sitcom ‘The Office’ also knew about the delicious snacks that she kept at home for guests. So, whenever he would come over, he would eat a meal’s worth of snacks. “My dear friend BJ Novak will come over whenever he’s in town, and he never says he’ll stay for a meal, but he always eats a meal’s worth of snacks,” she said. “I’m not going to pin this on him because I love snacks, too. But we always make sure we have little crunchy snacks out for him. It’s the same with my Dad,” added Kaling.
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As for Mindy Kaling’s personal favourite snack, it has to be flavoured popcorn. “My favourite gift to receive during the holidays is a popcorn trio! Those big tins of delicious popcorn. So, great snacks! That, to me, is what makes my house feel like a home,” revealed Kaling.
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