“Moment Of Uninterrupted Bliss,” Says Vaani Kapoor As She Enjoys Juicy Burger

Food can provide shelter from the stress and strain of daily life. Even a few bites of your favourite food can make your day a whole lot better. Sometimes, when we are enjoying a particular yummy dish, the world seems to melt away and we savour those precious few moments. It seems that Vaani Kapoor would relate to this feeling. The actress’s recently shared a close-up photo of a juicy burger on her Instagram stories. Besides the patty, we could spot tomato, lettuce and egg between the buns. The burger was so loaded that it needed two small skewers (with olives) to keep it intact. If this didn’t sound mouthwatering enough – we also saw a few wonderfully golden potato wedges at the side.
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“A moment of uninterrupted bliss,” wrote Vaani at the bottom of the image. Check it out below:


If Vaani Kapoor’s foodie “moment” has made you crave burgers, why not quickly make one at home? Here are some easy recipes to get started:

1. Minced Chicken Burger:

Chicken mince is mixed with spices, onions and breadcrumbs to make a juicy patty for this burger. Just add some mayonnaise and lettuce on top and you’re good to go. Click here for the complete recipe.

2. Veggie Burger:

If you’re looking for a veg option, this veggie burger is particularly wholesome. The burger patty contains potatoes, french beans, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots and spices. It makes for a tasty as well as healthy treat. Full recipe here.

3. Aloo Tikki Burger

In the mood for a desi-style burger? Then look no further. Aloo Tikki Burger can be considered a fusion as well as a classic dish. Either way, you are sure to love it. Watch the recipe video here.

4. Tawa Paneer Burger

Another burger with desi flavours you must try is this paneer one. A thick slab of paneer is covered in a spicy curd coating, fried and then placed between burger buns. The bread is also lightly spiced! Click here for the full recipe.

5. Tofu Burger

Want a unique and nutritious burger? Then this tofu burger with flavours of tahini will come to your rescue. It will be unlike any other you’re tried before. It also contains the goodness of nuts, chickpeas, veggies and multiple seasonings. Read the complete recipe here.

Which burger sounds the most appealing to you?
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