No Kneading Required: How To Make Chilli Garlic Liquid Paratha In Minutes

Paratha, a staple of Indian cuisine, is renowned for its versatility. This delectable dish can be created in a myriad of forms using a range of flours and stuffing. Even a simple ajwain-namak paratha can be a mouthwatering treat. However, crafting the perfect paratha is no easy feat. Ask an amateur cook, they will tell you the struggle of making a perfect paratha is real! From over-kneading the dough to struggling with the shape, we’ve all rolled out maps of different countries instead of parathas at some point in our lives.

So, what’s the next step for you? Should you give up or give up on parathas altogether? Our advice is to persist until you achieve the perfect paratha. However, while you’re at it, why not also try out recipes that are simple and uncomplicated? We found one such amazing paratha recipe that doesn’t include the process of kneading dough or rolling a perfect paratha. Sounds interesting? Let’s find out more about this unique paratha recipe.

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How To Make Paratha Without Kneading Dough:

As mentioned earlier, you will find a wide gamut of parathas in India that are worth giving a try. While some of them grab our attention, some remain less explored. What’s interesting is that even the less popular ones have striking flavors or a unique method of preparation that makes them stand out in the lot. Let’s take the liquid dough paratha, for instance. Also referred to as “gola ruti” (“gola” means liquid) in Bengali, it’s a pancake-like bread that works as a quick fix for your untimely hunger pangs. Here, you need to make a semi-thick batter with atta (or maida) and water, spread it on the tawa and roast well with butter. You can always customize the ingredients used in the recipe as per your palate.

Chef Ananya Banerjee took to her YouTube channel to share a chili garlic liquid dough paratha recipe that can be a perfect addition to your weekend diet. It’s aromatic, flavorful, and super easy to make.

Chilli Garlic Paratha Recipe: How To Make Chilli Garlic Liquid Paratha:

To make the dish, first prepare a batter with flour, water, butter, garlic, chili flakes, and a few other ingredients. Your batter should be of semi-thick consistency. Then heat a pan and add a ladleful of batter to it. Spread it well and roast on low flame. Brush some butter on both sides of the paratha for roasting it better. That’s it. You have a delicious paratha ready in no time. Pair it with achar, dahi, or any sides of your choice and enjoy.

Watch the detailed recipe video of chilli garlic liquid paratha below:

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Try it today and let us know how you liked it. Have an indulgent Sunday, everyone!

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