No More Junk Food At Work: 7 Low-Cal Snacks To Keep Within Arms Reach

I am sure you can relate to this story. My mind is determined to lose weight and follow a strict diet but my heart tends to slip and gives in to my temptations. And it usually happens at work. All office days become cheat days for me. Is it just me or does everyone get hungrier while working? Anyway, the problem is being unable to control my hunger and cravings. I partly blame all the momos, chole kulcha and Maggi wale bhaiya standing all day long right outside my office with those delicious foods at my disposal. Recently, I took a firm stand to act against my office shenanigans and started keeping healthy, low-cal snacks with me for quick and easy reach. Amid tight deadlines and endless meetings, convenience won over a craving, and these snacks became my new office indulgence. 

Having won this difficult battle, I decided to share my secret weapons with you, my fellow foodies, most of whom would be sailing in the same boat. Check out the low-cal but delicious snacks I decided to take to work to keep my growling stomach company.  

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Here’re 7 Low-Cal Snacks To Take To Office For Healthy Munching: 

1. Masala Makhana 

Plain makhanas cannot always beat the masaledaar chaats available everywhere, but masala makhanas can. Roast your makhanas in a dash of ghee and spice them up with chaat masala, black pepper powder and Kashmiri red chilli powder. Add some honey to add a splash of sweetness and bind the makhanas together. Click here for the complete recipe for masala makhana


Masala makhana is a quick recipe.

2. Lemon Pepper Popcorn  

You’ll be amazed to know that popcorn by itself is a healthy snack. It is just popped corn, which is fibrous and low in calories. To maintain its healthfulness, add less butter and salt and flavour it further with lemon and black pepper. Click here for the complete recipe for lemon pepper popcorn

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3. Phaldari Chaat 

Chaat is chaat, be it aloo or fruits. Convince your mind with this and you’ll love gorging on homemade fruit chaat with the same flavours of chaat masala, green chillies, chutneys and curd! Click here for the full recipe for Phaldari chaat

4. Sprout Salad 

I admit it takes some effort to prepare the sprouts salad, but it will all be worth it when you’ll bite into the crunch of bean sprouts flanked by the freshness of cucumbers and carrots. Click here for the full recipe for sprout salad. 

5. Vegetable Idli 

Idlis are easy to make, easy to carry and easy to eat. This makes idli one of the best options for low-cal snacks to take to work. You can make it tastier by adding veggies to it and you won’t feel the need for chutney or sauce. Click here for the complete recipe for vegetable idli. 

6. Trail Mix 

Eating nuts and seeds alone may be a bit boring. But when you make a mixture of nuts, seeds, dried fruits and granola, you get a wholesome snack of varied textures and flavours to please your taste buds. Here’s how you can make trail mix at home

7. Granola Bar 

Packed with nutrition, energy and flavours, the granola bar is the ideal snack to keep you energised during office hours. Since granola bars are usually low in calories, you can keep munching on them whenever hunger strikes in between meals. Click here to see how to make healthy granola bars at home. 


Granola bars are tasty and healthy.

In the bustling world of office life, where productivity is paramount, the need of having energy-packed guilt-free munchies within arm’s reach cannot be overstated. Bonus: you get to stick to your weight loss diet. 

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