No Oven, No Yeast – Make Pizza Paratha For Untimely Hunger Pangs

The paratha is probably one of the most popular flatbreads for any-time indulgence. Whether you have stuffed parathas for breakfast or a mid-meal snack, plain paratha with sabzi for lunch or laccha parathas for dinner – there is so much variety out there. It comes as no surprise when home chefs and cooks invent their own unique paratha recipes as well. The paratha filling can surely be experimented with, as internet users come up with chocolate and even cheese paratha! Recently, we came across another interesting variation on the traditional paratha recipe. It is called as pizza paratha, and no, it is not another bizarre food combination but in fact quite a delicious treat.  

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What Is Pizza Paratha? 

Pizza paratha is nothing but a pizza created by using paratha as a base. Thus, the paratha transforms into a thin-crust pizza base, bringing together the goodness of the same old pizza taste in an all-new avatar. It is a fusion dish that combines the best of both world – traditional flavours of pizza paired with authentic Indian paratha.  

Ingredients Used In Making Pizza Paratha  

As you can guess, the ingredients used to make pizza paratha are quite similar to the two dishes themselves. Thus, you need wheat flour, water, a bit of oil for the paratha dough. For the pizza toppings, you would require pizza sauce, cheese, chopped vegetables such as onion, capsicum, bell peppers, oregano and chilli flakes.  

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How To Make Pizza Paratha | Easy Pizza Paratha Recipe  

Pizza paratha is one of the easiest recipes out there. It is so simple that even beginners can make it. The recipe for pizza paratha was shared by popular YouTuber Ananya Banerjee on her handle. Here are the basic steps for the preparation of the dish. 

  • Start by kneading a soft yet firm dough for paratha by combining wheat flour, water and a bit of oil. Add salt too if required. Let the dough rest. 
  • Take a sizeable portion of the pizza dough and flatten it a bit. Using a rolling pin, roll out a paratha which has even thickness and is about the size of your non-stick tawa. 
  • Heat the tawa and cook the paratha on one side for about a minute. Flip it and spread pizza sauce on top of it. 
  • Top it up with the other ingredients such as bell peppers, onion, capsicum and tomato. You can also add baby corn, salami slices or pepperoni to it.  
  • Sprinkle oregano and chilli flakes and cover the pizza paratha with a lid. Increase the heat so as to add steam to the paratha. Let the cheese melt, cut it into slices and serve hot! 

Watch the full recipe video of pizza paratha by Ananya Banerjee here: 

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