No Pressure, Just Cooking: 6 Essential Tips For New Pressure Cooker Users

Many utensils are used for cooking in an Indian kitchen, but the pressure cooker is the most commonly used one. Cooking food in a pressure cooker not only saves you time and energy, but it is also very easy compared to other utensils. With just the sound of the whistle, your favourite dish gets ready in minutes. However, if you are new to using a pressure cooker, there are some important aspects you should be aware of. That’s why we are here with some tips for beginners that will help you use the pressure cooker properly.

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Here Are 5 Essential Tips For New Pressure Cooker Users:

1. What Can Be Cooked In A Pressure Cooker:

While you can cook many things in a pressure cooker, you need to add water to it. Generally, pressure cookers are used to make dishes that require a lot of time to prepare. You can comfortably cook chicken, mutton, lentils, rice, and chickpeas in it.

2. Checking Before Using The Pressure Cooker:

Before cooking something in a pressure cooker for the first time, thoroughly check it. If you notice any cracks anywhere in the pressure cooker, do not use it. Using a cracked cooker may lead to an explosion during cooking.

3. Using The Right Amount Of Water:

Use the appropriate amount of water for each dish cooked in the pressure cooker. Different dishes require different amounts of water. Adding too much water can spoil the taste of the dish, and when the whistle blows, hot water can splash out and burn your hand.

4. Do Not Forcefully Open A Hot Pressure Cooker:

After cooking, turn off the heat and avoid rushing to open the pressure cooker. Let the cooker cool down and release all the steam before opening it. Trying to open a cooker full of steam can cause burns or even a burst.

5. Checking The Pressure Cooker’s Rubber:

To cook food properly, it is essential to maintain pressure inside the cooker, which requires checking the rubber seal. If the rubber seal of the cooker wears out, there will be less pressure, resulting in improperly cooked food. The rubber seal of the pressure cooker should be replaced every three months.

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