Not Just One, David Beckham Cuts Three Cakes On His Birthday

A simple preparation of some flour, butter, and sugar results in a delicious dessert that has been present during happy occasions for ages. Yes, we are talking about cakes. This spongy and creamy treat is associated with joyful celebrations and good memories. Cakes always manage to please everyone, be it a toddler or an older adult. And, of course, with some nice icing and cherries, who can refuse to take a bite of a scrumptious cake? Well, talking of celebrations, birthdays tend to be the ideal occasion to cut a cake. A day ago, it was David Beckham’s birthday and, obviously, the celebrations included a sweet treat. But, there was not just one cake but three to mark the former England football captain’s birthday. If you are wondering how we know this, look at his wife Victoria Beckham’s Instagram Stories.
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Victoria shared some sneak peeks into David Beckham’s birthday:


The next picture shows David blowing out a candle beside a cute little pastry before his third cake arrives.


This photo was followed by a short video. In it, a chef brings another cake which not only looks big but very tasty too. Seeing this, David flashes a smile and makes a wish before cutting the cake.


Victoria Beckham likes to keep us updated and often shares family posts on social media. Earlier this month, she shared videos and pictures showing their 11-year-old daughter Harper Beckham making pizza from scratch. Harper tried her hands at making the popular food along with her friend as Victoria filmed the process. Harper Beckham gave her best to make the pizza and started by kneading the dough, stretching it, and then rolling the dough sheet. In the clip, David Beckham could be heard saying, “Harper pick up your pizza”. Then his wife exclaimed, “That is a big pizza”. Surely it was a happy family moment. Don’t you agree?
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