Nutritionist Shares 5 Rules To Follow While Eating Fruits

Indulging in some fresh fruits in summer is what gives immense satisfaction to the soul. Biting into juicy mangoes or watermelon, this is how most of us spend our lazy summer afternoons. Fruits are loaded with all kinds of minerals and vitamins but above all, they are absolutely delicious. And this is the reason that we never really think if there is a right or wrong way of eating fruits. Everyone has their own way of enjoying fruits. Some refrigerate them before having while others squeeze the juice of the fruits and ditch the pulp. But if you want to reap all the benefits of consuming fruits, there are certain rules that are to be followed.

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Nutritionist Lovneet Batra, on her Instagram Stories, shares five such rules that must be followed while eating fruits.


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Best Way To Consume Fruits:

1. Healthy fats

As per the nutritionist, you must add healthy items to your diet if you are having fruits. Munching some soaked nuts like almonds can provide you with the required healthy fats.

2. Only seasonal fruits

The nutritionist also said that one should only eat seasonal fruits and avoid the ones that have been kept preserved for a long time. Fruits and vegetables tend to lose their nutritional value when stored for long periods of time so it is better to opt for the fresh and seasonal ones.

3. Don’t ditch the skin

If you want to get all the nutrients that a fruit has to offer, have the peel too. Fruits like apples and apricots have thin peels which are rich in fibre. Peeling these fruits means not making use of their goodness.

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4. Don’t juice them up

Extracting fresh watermelon or mango juice may enhance your breakfast but having the whole fruit is a better way. Not just the juice but the pulp of the fruit too has a lot of nutrients. So chew the fruit rather than guzzling down the juice.

5. Keep track of timing

No matter what hour you eat the fruit, they will always taste the same. But the nutritionist insists that you must avoid eating them with main meals as a dessert. Instead, she suggests, eating fruits before workouts or as a mid-morning snack.

Enjoy fruits the right way. 

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