One Mango And 5 Minutes Is All You Need To Lose Weight This Summer

Summer is at its peak and we are sure you are making the most of the season by chowing down lots of mangoes every day. Besides fresh ripened mangoes, green mangoes (raw mango or kacchi kairi) are also a hit in the season. Its unique sweet and sour flavour produces some amazing recipes like the popular aam panna drink. There are many known health benefits of drinking aam panna and we just found out that weight loss is one of them; but only if you make it the right way. Without any sugar, this simple mango drink (aam panna) is low in calories, high in nutrition and perfect for weight loss.  

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Is Aam Panna Good For Weight Loss? 

Aam panna is commonly made in Indian households to beat the summer heat. With the addition of sugar and spices, this drink helps turn a dry, humid day fresher. It is also known to smoothen the digestion process, which can result in weight loss. The only problem is the addition of too much sugar. Sugar helps cut the overbearing sourness of the raw mango. But for a weight loss diet, this recipe replaces sugar with jaggery to make a low-cal aam panna that we can drink without any guilt.  

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How Many Calories Are There In Aam Panna? 

A typical aam panna drink with sugar contains around 100 (or a little more) calories.  Dietitian Natasha Mohan shared this unique recipe for the weight loss-special mango drink and also informed the followers that the healthy aam panna contains only 55 calories. This is reassuring that we can include this drink in our summer weight loss diet without any doubt. So, let’s see how to make it. 

Healthy Aam Panna Recipe I Easy Mango Drink For Weight Loss 

To make one glass of healthy aam panna, take one green mango and boil it in one glass of water in a pressure cooker for 10-15 minutes. Scoop out its pulp and churn it in a mixer grinder with some mint leaves and ice cubes. Transfer the drink to a mixing bowl, then season it with anardana, jeera powder, jaggery powder, black pepper powder and black salt. Pour into two glasses and serve. 

If you want to make more than 2 servings of aam panna, increase the quantity of the ingredients accordingly.  

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Now, enjoy delicious aam panna even on your weight loss diet. For more interesting raw mango recipes, click here.  

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