Paneer Curry Instead Of Chicken Biryani? Complaint About Zomato Order Divides Internet

Food delivery apps have become a lifeline for people around the world allowing customers to enjoy their favourite dishes from the comfort of their homes. However, these apps are not without their flaws, as customers often complain of receiving incorrect orders. Recently, a Twitter user who goes by the name ‘Bren’ poked fun at such complaints. The user shared an image of paneer curry instead of the chicken biryani he had ordered from the food-delivery platform Zomato. He was clearly joking about it, but some people took the tweet rather seriously.

Sharing an image of the curry, the user said, “If you’re a strict non-vegetarian think twice before ordering from Zomato. I ordered chicken biriyani which is clearly MARKED AS NON-VEGETARIAN on the platform and I found no piece of meat, just some curry with blocks of cottage cheese. Disappointed rn,” he wrote in his hilarious tweet.

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In a surprising and hilarious turn of events, Zomato took notice of the tweet and apologised, offering to make things right. To this, Zomato replied: “We’re really sorry to have disappointed you, Bren. Could you please share your registered contact number via private message so we can make things right?”

Taking the joke further, Bren replied: “It’s cool man what’s done is done I ate it now.”

This incident comes on the heels of another customer’s unpleasant experience with another food delivery app Swiggy. In response to a comment on the thread, Bren shared a screenshot of the said customer’s complaint and wrote, “It’s an edited cp.”

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A strict vegetarian, the customer that Bren cites had ordered biryani with aloo, only to find a piece of meat in it. Expressing her shock and disgust, the customer took to Twitter to warn others to be cautious while ordering from the app. She wrote, “If you’re a strict vegetarian (like me) think twice before ordering from Swiggy! I ordered Biryani rice with aloo which is clearly MARKED AS VEGETARIAN on the platform and I found a piece of meat (could be chicken, mutton or anything!) in the rice. Such grave errors are something that are unacceptable specially when it comes to MY BELIEFS,” she wrote.

Read the complete tweet here:

On a serious note, while food delivery apps have revolutionised the food industry, incidents like these highlight the need for better quality control and accuracy in order fulfillment. 

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