“Pani Puri Vs Earth”: Harsh Goenka Shares Amusing Post On The Street Food

Think of a food that can make your mouth water anywhere and pani puri will surely cross your mind. The much-loved street has been there on the streets of India for ages and has earned a reputation for being absolutely lip-smacking. Every cart selling these flavour-some water-filled puris is a crowd-puller. When the puris with some chole and tangy water are served, the result is a heavenly street food we just can’t say no to. Highlighting the significance that pani puri holds in our lives, industrialist Harsh Goenka has shared a Twitter post drawing parallels between street food and our mother Earth.

In the post, the RPG Group Chairman shared his thoughts that both pani puri and Earth “are circular in shape”, “both are 70% filled with water”, and that “there is no life without it!”.

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The post soon drew several responses from users where many could not hide their love for delicious pani puris.

“And you get all the possible flavours,” a user wrote.

Another user quipped, “Humans are eating both Earth and pani puri”.

“What a comparison, well now I wanna really eat Puchka!” a comment read.

“Sweet and spicy fillings are similar to experiences in life,” a person said.

“Puchka we used to have in Calcutta with ghugni. No match!!!” a user commented.

This user pointed out that “Both have greenery in it too”.

“Pani puri should not be eaten on plates and with a spoon!” a user shared.

“Sir but pani puri’s water is too yumm!” a comment read.

Many agreed with Mr Goenka. “Sir, the last one is the eternal truth. Life is incomplete without water in panipuri,” a person said.

Another chimed in to say, “And also, sometimes it’s sweet but most of time it’s spicy”.

So, how much do you love pani puris? Tell us in the comments.

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