Phuchka Chop: The Latest Bizarre Street Food Combination Thats Dividing The Internet

If you thought you have had enough of the odd food combinations, then trust us, it’s not done yet! There’s a new recipe in the block and it is called phuchka chop. Phuchka (also referred to as panipuri, golgappa, pani-batasa and gupchup) is one of the most loved street foods across India. Fried sooji/atta balls, filled with spicy matar-aloo stuffing and khatta pani, phuchka defines comfort for all. But today, you would find people going all creative with the classic street food and adding ice cream, noodles, soda etc to it. Joining the bandwagon, a street vendor from Kolkata recently made fritters – referred to as chop in Bengali – with the hearty phuchka. You heard us.
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A Kolkata-based content creator, who goes by the moniker ‘okaysubho’, took to Instagram to share a video of the phuchkachop and it seems the internet is not happy with the experimentation. In the video, a person is seen mixing boiled aloo with chopped carrots, beans, tamarind water and spices and adding it to the puri. The puri is then dipped in besan batter and deep-fried until golden in colour. The final product looks much like bonda, which is then served with some salt sprinkled on the top. The post also mentions that a plate of phuchka chop costs just Rs. 10.
Watch the video here:
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In no time, the video grabbed attention on the internet, with people strongly reacting to it. While some seemed confused with the look of the dish, some were completely dismayed.
“Bas kalyug yahi reason se aayega (This is what led us to kalyug),” wrote a person. Another comment read, “Kono mane hoe!! (Does it even make sense!)”
A person wrote, “Oh God! Now stop experiments. RIP culinary science.” A comment read, “Just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should (experiment).” An internet user also wrote, “It was not necessary.” Confused with the visual appeal, a person wrote, “Potato inside fried dough, inside fried dough!”
What are your thoughts on phuchka chop? Would you want to give it a try? Let us know in the comments below.

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