Post Filmfare Cheat: Janhvi Kapoor Enjoys Noodles, Pizza And Ice Cream

Indulging in some delicious food is always the best way to cheer up your mood and treat yourself after an exhausting day. Saucy pasta, cheesy pizzas, and burgers come to our rescue whenever we crave something tasty. After all, we deserve something which not only fills the tummy but also makes the heart happy. And, we are not alone who swear by this mantra. Janhvi Kapoor shares a similar emotion. The actress showed us a glimpse of her “Filmfare cheat” and we are already craving the delicious food in it. In the snap, we could see a bowl of Manchurian, platters of noodles, and a gravy that looked like chilli paneer, accompanied by sauces and toppings. 

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Amidst all the Chinese delicacies, we also spotted a pizza in her food spread. “Mr. and Mrs. Mahi prep or post? Filmfare cheat,” Janhvi Kapoor captioned the post. Take a look:


Now, if you thought Janhvi Kapoor’s indulgences are over, we have to remind you that her meals are incomplete without some lip-smacking delicious desserts. In the next upload, she posted a picture showcasing three sweet indulgences. Obviously, there was an ice cream, cookie and cream flavour, followed by a baked cheesecake and milk tres leches cake. The actress goes “Yay” and we can totally understand the joy that seeps in after relishing yummy dishes. Take a look:


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Janhvi Kapoor’s cheat days are all about good food, good food, and good food. Once the actress left us craving with her never-ending spread of delicacies. From french toast, sushi, dim sums, pad thai noodles and cheese sandwich to pastries, ras malai, jalebi and ice creams and croissants, her mighty meal had it all. Read all about it here.

Janhvi Kapoor’s culinary adventures are always worth watching. And when she wears the chef’s hat, we are mentally prepared for some finger-licking food. Remember when the actress along with her sister Khushi Kapoor cooked up a wholesome Italian dinner? Her menu included white truffle pasta with a variety of toppings, as well as a bowlful of greens accompanied by buns loaded with cheese, among other things. “Some Italian dinner made by us Khushi Kapoor,” she wrote. Tap here to read the full story. 

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