Restaurant Goes Viral Because Of Its Unique Name. “Genius,” Says Twitter

How do you search for a particular kind of restaurant that’s not too far from you? Of course, you Google “xyz near me.” In fact, this is what we do to search for anything near us. This search trend was picked up by a Thai restaurant that cleverly used it to market itself. No, we are not talking about Google listings or ads. The restaurant simply named itself “Thai Food near me!” Our first reaction upon seeing this was “genius.” And that is exactly how the internet is reacting to the viral tweet that shared the picture of the restaurant’s name.

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A Twitter user named “gaut” posted a picture of the front facade of the Thai restaurant. The board above the front door is marked with the name “Thai Food near me” in bold golden blocks. Looking at the window panes that are still taped and covered, the restaurant doesn’t seem to be functional at the time the picture was taken. But its name certainly captured the attention of the person who saw it. “SEO game too strong,” read the caption of the tweet.

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The Twitter post started getting traction as soon as it was posted and now it is viral with 2.8 M views and counting. Users are applauding the brilliant marketing idea adopted by the restaurant, comparing SEO marketing to Display marketing. Calling it “genius” and “brilliant, Twitter is hailing this innovative idea. 

In another post, the poster of the tweet suggested similar SEO-backed marketing ideas for the restaurant business:

  • “Best Chinese Food New York”
  • “Brunch This Weekend”
  • “Cheap Restaurant Near Me”
  • “Best-Rated Italian Restaurant”

Another user even shared his thought that this must be ChatGPT generated, as no human can come up with such a genius idea. 

And this user thinks that the restaurant doesn’t need any more SEO practices. They have peaked.

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Check out some more Twitter reactions. 

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