Revealed! Zeenat Amans Favorite Indian Foods Are…

Ever since the veteran actor Zeenat Aman made her social media debut, she has been trending for all the right reasons. Her Instagram profile, with the moniker “thezeenataman,” was opened in February and has garnered 223k followers until now. If you scroll through her profile, you will find her sharing heartwarming posts featuring memories of the past. Each of the posts comes with beautiful pictures and notes, leaving her fans emotional. Recently, the actor penned a heartfelt note on social media, speaking about the “desi girl” in her, her favourite Indian foods, and more. What grabbed our attention was the picture she posted alongside the note. In the picture, we could see Zeenat Aman from her younger days, looking straight into the camera. She was seen wearing a blue kurta with a red bindi and sindoor.

Zeenat Aman begins the post with, “Clothes do not maketh the woman!” She went on to say that people, over the years, have associated her with “Western glam,” but the reality is exactly the opposite; she is “as desi as they come.” She elaborated on her food habits to explain the statement. “It doesn’t matter where I am travelling in the world, within two days I begin to crave home food and go in search of an Indian restaurant,” she wrote. And guess what her staple meal is! It’s the comforting ‘dal chawal.’ You read that right.

Zeenat Aman further said that she loves pairing papad and achar with her meals, enjoys dosas from Dakshinayan, and can never say no to kaju katli. And yes, the season of mango makes her the happiest. “I always have a couple of jars of namkeen stashed in my bedroom,” she added. Much relatable, right?

While speaking about her favourites, she also asked her fans to recommend local foods as she is still discovering new dishes from India. “P.S.: I’m vegetarian,” Zeenat Aman concluded.

Read the complete post below:

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The post took social media by storm, and fans started showering her with suggestions. First on the list was actor Manisha Koirala. “Home-cooked meals are the best…especially my mother’s cooked meals.” To this, Zeenat Aman replied, “Yes, indeed.”

Actor Sameera Reddy also commented on the post, saying, “Those eyes.”

A fan wrote, “For me, I travel a lot. Extensively in rural corners of India. So I eat in small villages with the family, and in Darjeeling particularly, there’s a remote village I work at. They make this ‘kaudi’ pasta there loaded with vegetables. Uff. One of the best pasta I’ve had. So healthy! And, their range of forest greens (saag, sabzi)…my favourite is fiddlehead fern cooking in less oil with some potatoes. They serve it with rice, black dal, dalle (spicy chilly) pickle, and their unique radish salad.”

“Simply beautiful! I’ve been a vegetarian my whole life and have been eating khichdi with doodh when I’m sick. It brings warmth to my heart,” another comment read. A person further wrote, “And I am smiling reading that my girl crush loves the same food.”

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