Shocking! Australian Man Spotted Eating Raw Chicken In Mall. Pics Go Viral

No matter what dish you make with chicken, there is a high chance that it will turn out well. The tender and juicy pieces of meat, when cooked in a gravy, result in an absolutely lip-smacking dish. Searing the chicken on a charcoal grill also makes the meat truly irresistible. Basically, the preparations can be different, but one thing that doesn’t change is the scrumptiousness of chicken. Now, most of us like to have our chicken fresh and tender, but a person in Australia seems to have taken the definition of “fresh” to another level. He was spotted eating raw chicken drumsticks inside a mall. Yes, that is exactly what you heard. The act was caught on camera, after which the pictures went viral.

In pictures shared on Instagram, a barefooted man can be seen riding an escalator at a shopping mall while casually munching on raw chicken drumsticks from a packet. The caption read, “A nutritious and delicious lunch of fashionably rare chicken at Westfield Marion.” Take a look:

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The pictures prompted many users to react. Almost everyone was shocked and pointed out that eating raw meat could be dangerous. “This king is so busy hustling he doesn’t have time to waste sitting down to eat, or putting shoes on, or cooking his food. Few understand this grindset,” a person said. Another asked, “Can someone please check to see if this man is still alive?”

“Someone is trying to get a few sick days,” read one comment. A curious user wondered, “Could he have worked his way to immunity via slowly introducing uncooked chicken into his diet?” There are people around the world who follow a raw food diet in which they consume raw vegetables, raw eggs, unpasteurized milk, and even raw meat and fish. They believe that such a diet can bring various health benefits.

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