Sip, Sizzle, Savour: Get Refreshed With The Best Indian Tonic Water Brands

With its fizzing bubbles and distinctive bitter taste, tonic water delights palates by upping the drinking game. In recent years, tonic water has enjoyed a rise in its popularity, driven by the growing appreciation for craft cocktails. Bartenders and mixologists have embraced the versatility of tonic water, and are creating some innovative concoctions that cater to a variety of taste preferences. The bitter notes of tonic water serve as a perfect companion to the spirit of gin, resulting in the iconic combo of Gin and Tonic.  

For a long time, the world of tonic water was ruled by a select few international brands. Now, the advent of homegrown tonic water brands has expanded the options available to consumers. These Indian tonic brands offer a range of flavour profiles, using premium botanicals, herbs, and fruits, which elevate the drinking experience. We explored all the great desi tonic brands that deserve a place in your home bar and in your drinks. 

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Here’re 5 Best Homegrown Tonic Water Brands You Must Try: 

1. Jade Forest

The Delhi-based brand combines the best of botanicals, herbs and spices to give us refreshing tonic water bottles with interesting artwork. They have even launched some new exciting flavours in tonic water. Cucumber and Mint tonic water is just the refreshing chaser you need for your cocktail enhanced with minty flavours. Spiced Ginger Ale comes with a spicy kick but honey sweetens it out. And Tropical Ginger Ale tonic water transports you to a beach with the sweetness of tropical fruits.


Jade Forest has launched some new tonic water flavours.

2. Jimmy’s Tonic Water

Jimmy’s Cocktail mixers have already won our hearts with a range of ready-to-use bases for flavourful cocktails. Their tonic water doesn’t disappoint either. It claims to use natural flavour and no artificial sweeteners to produce the bittersweet tonic water that lifts up spirits – the spirit it is added to and your mind’s). The Lemon Tonic Water does away with the need of adding lemon to your drink. The citrus flavour gels perfectly with quinine (the main ingredient in tonic water) to offer a perfect summer-special beverage.

3. Svami 

Svami tonic water is all the rage these days because of some of its effervescent flavoured variants like grapefruit, cucumber, ginger ale and coffee. Even their original tonic water comes with a dash of lemony taste. And for those who like to stay away from sugar, Svami has a low-sugar range of tonic water too. 

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4. Sepoy & Co 

What makes Sepoy & Co so popular? Their cocktail mixers were already a hit, and now their tonic water too has caught the fancy of cocktail lovers. The tonic water is made with a unique blend of spices and quinine, along with selective ingredients like elderflower to lend their natural sweetness.  

5. Bengal Bay 

Bengal Bay differentiates itself as India’s first organic tonic water. The brand actually celebrates the Bay of Bengal in the Indian subcontinent and uses only organic sugar to sweeten the product. The addition of lime and oranges turns around a simple tonic water into a lip-smacking affair. 


Bengal Bay tonic water pays homage to the Bay Of Bengal

Have you tried these Indian tonic water brands to level up your Gin and Tonic and other drinks? 

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