Snack On These 5 Tasty Tea-Time Sandwiches Made In Just 15 Minutes

Sandwiches are one of the most versatile and convenient meals. They are ideal for a quick breakfast, a light meal for lunch, or a satiating snack for evenings. Sandwiches are simple to make and can serve as quick teatime treats on hectic days. They are packed with flavours and are also nutritious and filling. The fun part of making sandwiches is that you can choose any kind of filling as per your choice and layer the bread with delectable sauces and cheese. If you are looking for easy tea-time sandwich recipe ideas, we have got you covered.

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Here Are 5 Quick And Easy Tea-Time Sandwich Recipes:

1. Cucumber-Cheese Sandwich

Cheese and bread go well together. And what could be better than assembling these two ingredients together and making a delicious sandwich? Enjoy the flavours of milk bread, cheese, and refreshing cucumber altogether with this recipe. Here’s how you can make a perfect cucumber and cheese sandwich. Click here for recipe.


You have prepare cold cucumber and cheese sandwich. Photo Credit: istock

2. Mushroom Sandwich

Do you have bread and mushrooms in your kitchen? The easiest way to combine them is by making a delicious mushroom sandwich. The filling for this sandwich recipe will be made by sautéing mushrooms and onions and seasoning it with herbs and spices. Check the full recipe here.

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3. Egg Mayo Sandwich

With a few simple steps, you can easily make a protein-rich sandwich. This sandwich recipe is healthy and filling too. All you have to do is make a filling of boiled eggs and mayonnaise. Further place the soft mixture inside the toasted bread. Enjoy this with a cup of hot tea. Click here for the full recipe.


Use boiled eggs for this sandwich recipe. Photo Credit: istock

4. Veg Sandwich

Vegetable sandwiches are a delicious and healthy way to enjoy a variety of vegetables in one meal. They can be made with a combination of fresh veggies like corn, broccoli, bell pepper and tomato, with homemade spreads and sauces. Click here for the full recipe.

5. Chicken Salami Sandwich

Make a fresh chicken salami sandwich with tasty salami slices. This is super easy to make and is full of flavours. To make this at home, you will need chicken salami, cheese, tomatoes and onions. Just layer all these on toasted bread and your chicken salami sandwich will be prepared in just 15 minutes. Click here for the full recipe.

Enjoy your tea with these tasty sandwiches.

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