Solar Eclipse 2023: Is Surya Grahan Visible In India? Food Dos And Donts

Astronomy enthusiasts are in for a treat as the year’s first solar eclipse is about to happen. On April 20, 2023, we will witness a spectacular sight as the moon will pass between the Earth and the sun. A solar eclipse happens when the moon obstructs the sun’s light and forms a ring-like structure as the Earth plunges into darkness for a short span of time. This astronomical event is quite a rare occurrence and there are several reasons why. Here’s all you need to know about the Surya Grahan 2023, its timings, why it’s special and food myths and things to keep in mind.

When Is Solar Eclipse 2023 Happening? | Timings Of Surya Grahan 2023

The first solar eclipse of 2023 is going to happen on April 20. In India, the timings of the solar eclipse will be starting at 7:04 AM in the morning and will go on till 12:29 PM in the afternoon, as per

Why Is This Solar Eclipse Special? | Surya Grahan 2023 Special Features

The April 20 solar eclipse is extremely special and there are several reasons for this. This eclipse is one of the rarest types of solar eclipses, called ‘hybrid’ solar eclipse – which is a combination of total and partial eclipses. The same eclipse will change from partial to total, and back to partial depending on which area of the world you are in.

“On April 20, skywatchers in Australia and parts of southeast Asia will be able to view a hybrid solar eclipse as it passes over the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Tolar eclipses occur when the Sun, the Moon, and Earth fully or partially align, casting a shadow on our home planet and obscuring the bright face of our closest star. Remember, it is unsafe to look directly at the Sun for most of the eclipse without specialized eye protection,” revealed NASA on Instagram.

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Is Solar Eclipse 2023 Visible In India?

This rare hybrid solar eclipse will be visible across the Indian Ocean and parts of the Pacific as well. Thus, the western coast of Australia and a few countries in Southeast Asia will be able to witness the eclipse. The eclipse will not be visible in India but can be viewed online on YouTube.

Food Dos And Don’ts For Solar Eclipse

A common myth associated with a solar eclipse is to avoid the consumption of food. Some people also feel that the negative vibrations during this period cause contamination. However, these are simply myths and there is no scientific basis for them. It is not required to follow any of these practices during the surya grahan period. Clinical nutritionist Rupali Dutta believes that there is no reason to be scared of food poisoning at the time of an eclipse. “There’s a difference between going completely berserk and exercising moderate control. There is no harm in having light meals (during the solar eclipse).”

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Light meals including oconut water are good to be consumed during solar eclipse. Photo Credit: iStock

You can eat a light meal, including foods like coconut water and banana so that your body is not constantly focused on digesting food. Nutritionist and Macrobiotic Health Coach Shilpa Arora says, “Eat when you are hungry. Listen to your body and observe stillness and silence. You can also meditate and connect with your body. It is a good practice to let all your energies heal today and not work on digesting food constantly.”

Also, experts advise not to look at the eclipse directly and use protective glasses as they may harm your eyes.

When Is The Next Eclipse In 2023?

According to, the next solar eclipse will happen on October 14, 2023. It will be an annular solar eclipse, meaning that the moon will not completely cover the sun and the outer edges will still be visible.

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