Spicy Thecha Pav: This Unique Maharashtrian Combo Meal Can Be Made In Just 10 Mins

Our palate has a high threshold of spice and Maharashtrian cuisine always manages to match it. Kolhapuri food, in particular, offers some fiery hot flavours that excite our taste buds to no end. The specialty of Indian food is that it finds balance in its carefully-planned pairings. Breads and plain rice mute the overbearing heat of our spicy curries or chutney or pickles, Thecha, a popular Kolhapuri-special chutney, works its magic to spice up every meal. It is usually paired with Maharashtrian flatbread, bhakri, and makes for a delicious and flavoursome meal. To spice things further, we found a fusion recipe that makes another interesting meal of thecha pav.

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Pav is another flatbread popular in Maharashtra. (Read: vada pav.) The soft fluffly pav can be combined with any food and still manages to win our heart. So there’s no doubt that pav splayed with thecha won’t do the same.

What Is The Meaning Of Thecha?

Typically made with green chillies and garlic, thecha is a popular Maharashtrian condiment. Most people add peanuts and herbs to the recipe to make it even better. Thecha chutney explodes with various flavours. And this is what we want from our pav toast.

When there is no time to make pav bhaji and vada pav, and our hunger is not ready to wait, this thecha pav recipe can come as a saviour. This recipe posted on Instagram handle ‘fastcurries’ can be made in flat 10 minutes. Let’s see how to make it.

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How To Make Thecha Pav I Maharashtrian Thecha Pav Recipe In 10 Mins:

Start by roasting large green chillies and whole garlic cloves for around 5 minutes. Stir and keep roasting till the skin of the chillies and garlic char. Then add some oil and salt and stir again. Take out the garlic and chillies, then dry roast the peanuts too, separately.

Grind all the ingredients in a mortar and pestle coarsely. You can also use a blender and give it a few pulses, but the traditional mortar and pestle give the mixture more robust flavours. Once the ingredients is ground to a coarse mixture, roast in some butter in a pan. Add pavs and spread the mixture evenly on the pavs. Once the pavs are also roasted, serve them hot.

In case you are left with unused thecha, you can store it in the refrigerator for later use. The thecha can stay fresh for up to three days.

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