Sprouted Onions, No More! 5 Easy Tips To Keep Onions Fresh For Long

If there is one ingredient, we extensively use in cooking, it is the hearty onion. Onion plays a key role in providing a base to almost all the recipes and helps enhance the flavours by leaps and bounds. This is why people usually buy it in bulk, making sure that they never run out of stock. However, have you ever noticed onion sprouting after a certain period of time? Wonder why? Onion is a bulb vegetable, meaning, it has a shoot inside, known as the ’embryo’, and over the time, certain mechanisms can trigger it to grow and sprout. The sight of those green spikes poking out of onion right before you decide to start cooking can be quite disappointing. Right? But fret not, we have got you covered. Here are some easy hacks that you can follow to prevent an onion from sprouting and keep it fresh for long.
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Cooking Tips: 5 Simple Hacks To Prevent Onions From Sprouting:

1. Store In A Cool And Dry Place

One of the most effective ways to prevent onion from sprouting is to store it in a cool and dry place. When stored in cooler temperatures, it helps slow down the growth compared to warmer temperatures. Additionally, since the vegetable has high-water content, it’s best to store it in a dry environment to avoid dampness and prevent sprouting.

2. Store In A Jute Sack

Have you ever noticed that vegetable sellers always keep onions stored in a jute sack? Well, this is because these sacks have moisture-absorbing properties and help provide a dry environment for the onions to stay fresh. This not only prevents sprouting but also extends their shelf life.

3. Avoid Exposure To Light

When the vegetable is exposed to light, it can start sprouting naturally. To prevent this, it’s best to store it in a dark environment, such as using a covered container or, even better, a jute sack. This way, you keep them away from light and enjoy the benefits of having higher-quality onions that stay fresh for a longer time.

4. Do Not Store With Potatoes And Garlic

A common habit is to store onion alongside potatoes and garlic, but it’s time to reconsider! Both these vegetables contain citric acid, which can make onion sprout as well. Moreover, the moisture from potatoes can cause the onion to rot. To avoid this, it’s best to store these vegetables separately to keep them fresh.

5. Do Not Store In Plastic Bags

Lastly, make sure never to store onion in plastic bags. This is because plastic bags can trap moisture and restrict airflow, creating a humid environment that promotes sprouting. Since onion naturally releases moisture, storing it in plastic bags can worsen the situation. As mentioned earlier, it’s best to store the vegetable in a dark and cool place.
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Are Sprouted Onions Safe To Eat?

Many people seem confused when it comes to deciding whether to consume a sprouted onion or simply discard it. Experts suggest, consuming sprouted onion does not pose any harmful effects; however, it may have a bitter taste. So, it’s best to remove the sprouts before you use it for cooking.

Are Sprouted Onions Less Nutritious?

The nutritional composition of sprouted onion may undergo some changes, but these changes are usually minor. As the onion sprouts, it may convert some of its nutrients into energy for the growth of the sprout. As a result, this may have an impact on its nutrient levels compared to a non-sprouted onion.

So now on, keep these tips in mind and store the onions wisely. And do let us know how these hacks worked for you in the comments section below.

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