Struggle No More! Herere 5 Clever Tips To Make Round Roti Every Time

Roti is a staple in Indian cuisine. But for someone new to cooking, making it perfectly is much like chasing a unicorn. In fact, at some point in life, we all have struggled to get that round shape of a roti. If you have been trying it for a long and failing every single time, then let us tell you, the secret to a perfect roti lies in the technique. Always remember, it’s not the process, but the skill with which you make roti leads to its success. Fret not, we are here to make things yet easier for you. We have curated a list of clever tips that will help you make a perfectly round roti on the very first attempt. But before jumping into the easy alternatives, let’s get the basics right.

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5 Important Steps To Follow While Making Roti:

If you are making roti the traditional way, then make sure you follow these steps for a seamless cooking experience. Start with getting a set of a good quality rolling pin and board and then roll the dough right.

1. Knead The Dough Well:

The better the dough is, the easier it gets to roll the roti. While the hard dough is tough to flatten, the softer ones get stuck to the base. Always cover the dough with a damp cloth and let it rest before rolling the roti.

2. Take Right Amount Of Dough Ball:

The larger the dough ball is, the tougher it gets to handle while rolling. This further makes the roti distorted. So, make sure, you cut a medium-sized dough ball to roll it well.

3. Put Pressure Evenly:

To get the round shape, make sure you give even pressure while rolling the roti. Always use an even, cylindrical rolling pin. Better still, you can use a glass bottle if you don’t have a rolling pin.

4. Press The Edges:

The trick is to press the edges of the roti in a circular shape to easily get the shape you desire. In fact, pressing the dough at the centre either turns the roti into a map or ruins it completely.

5. Toast It On Hot Griddle:

The shape of a roti also depends on how you toast the roti. Always cook it on hot tawa and press down the edges gently, to make the roti puff up properly. Also, flip it occasionally to get a perfectly cooked, soft and round roti.

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How To Roll A Round Roti Without Using Rolling Pin? 5 Genius Hacks To Make Round Roti Like A Pro:

We understand, it needs skill and practice to roll a perfect roti the traditional way. But, what would you do if you are new to cooking? Fret not, we have got a solution for that too. Here’re some smart hacks that can help you roll round roti, even without a rolling pin. Check out the tips below:

1. Press It With Hand:

You can simply flatten the roti dough and press it with your hands to get the round shape of the roti. Start by stretching it from the edges and gradually work towards the centre.

2. Press With Plate:

This is possibly the easiest way to get the round shape of the roti. Cut a dough, place it on an even surface, sprinkle some atta and press it with a round plate. Do it twice or thrice to get the desired shape.

4. Use Round Cutter:

If you feel the roti is turning into a map, then all you need is a round cutter or knife. Cut the edges of the shapeless roti and create the perfect round shape with ease.

5. Use roti press:

And finally, there’s technology at your service! If you explore, you will find various manual and automatic roti-pressing tools that make things easier for you in leaps and bounds. Just place your dough ball in the tool and press. You get a perfectly round roti (also cooked at times!) in seconds.

What are you waiting for? Try these quick hacks at home and let us know which of the above tips was the most helpful for you.

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