Struggling To Make Perfect Caramel? Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes

Love making desserts but can’t master making the perfect caramel at home? We get it. Making caramel can be a tricky job. Even after you’ve made it once or twice, the next time you make caramel, it might not come out right. There could be many reasons why your caramel is not setting right and getting a perfect consistency. The sweet and salty caramel needs to be cooked in the right way and with the right amount of ingredients. To help you out, we have listed down a few mistakes you could be making while preparing a batch of caramel. Ensure you take care of these factors while you make caramel next time.

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Here Are 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Making Caramel:

1. Using A Thin Bottom Pot

One reason why your caramel does not come out right is that you might not be using the correct utensil. Using a pot with a thin bottom may not melt the sugar evenly. This can lead to some portions of sugar getting overcooked. Make sure you choose a stainless-steel pot with a thick bottom. This is helpful in cooking the sugar correctly.


Pan with thick bottom take time to heat. Photo Credit: unsplash

2. Choosing The Wrong Type Of Sugar

Caramel is made by melting sugar, so it is very important to use the right type of sugar. White granulated sugar with slightly larger crystals is best for making caramel. These melt well in the heat and provide the right consistency to the caramel. Avoid using very fine sugar or sugar powder to make caramel.


Use thick granulated sugar to make caramel. Photo Credit: unsplash

3. Over Stirring The Sugar

You might have heard that one should stir the sugar continuously to make caramel. This is true but overdoing it might just ruin the whole process. Over-stirring can make the caramel gritty or grainy. So be as gentle as you can while mixing the sugar to get the perfectly smooth consistency. You can also slowly swirl the pan in between to mix the sugar.

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4. Overheating Caramel

Yes, overheating can ruin the caramel! To make a perfect batch of caramel, it is important to use a candy thermometer. This allows you to check the temperature of the caramel. However, if you don’t have it at home, make sure not to cook sugar on high heat as overheating can burn the caramel and give it a burnt taste. Remember, once the caramel is burnt, it can’t be fixed.

5. Scraping The Bottom

We know you wouldn’t want to waste any of the caramel remaining in the pan, but you should know that the base of the pan, at times, contains crystalised sugar which can ruin the whole batch of smooth caramel. So, avoid scraping the bottom of the pan to maintain the smoothness and texture of caramel.

How To Store Caramel?


Store caramel in an airtight container. Photo Credit: unsplash

Once you have prepared the caramel, let it cool for 2-3 minutes. Then pour it into an airtight container, make sure you use a glass-made container for this. Further, keep it in the refrigerator to increase its shelf life. You can use the caramel for up to 2-3 weeks. Keep it outside at room temperature for 10 minutes before using it.

Enjoy using caramel with brownies, cakes, chocolates, and many other desserts.

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