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Heatwave in India: We must protect ourselves against heatwaves, especially when many parts of India are blazing in scorching temperatures. Due to the body’s inability to regulate high temperatures, can result in conditions like heat exhaustion or heat stroke, where individuals may suffer faintness, dry skin, and discomfort.

Many states have announced summer breaks in schools due to the heatwave to keep kids as cool as possible and prevent them from being outside between noon and 4 pm. Various health advisory has been issued for parents and schools to protect kids from the heatwave in areas where summer vacation hasn’t yet started.

Dr Sameer Sadawarte, HOD & Sr. Consultant-Paediatrics, Fortis Hospital, Mulund in a conversation with Zee English shares the different ways in which parents can keep their children safe during summers.

“Summer is at its peak and currently, most states in India are facing the impact of the heat wave. There has been a sudden spike in temperature during the daytime and at night as well. The heat wave has left children vulnerable to heat-related illnesses while playing outside or attending school. Children are more susceptible to heat-related ailments than adults, as the body is less efficient at regulating its temperature,” says Dr Sadawarte.

Parents should watch out for signs that may indicate that their child is suffering from heat-related ailments. This includes:

– Urge to drink water or feeling thirsty always

– Nausea

– Headaches

– High body temperature

– Heat rush

– Muscle cramps

Children can get sick very quickly from high temperatures and excessive heat in a number of different ways. Dehydration, heat exhaustion, heat cramps, and heat stroke can all result from it, each of which is a medical emergency. Children and the adults who care for them may get irritable as a result of high temperatures.

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Tips To Beat The Summer Heat

Here are a few simple tips to keep your children safe from heatwave:

– Avoid outdoor gatherings

– Avoid playing outdoor games during the daytime

– When playing outside, prefer shaded areas (like under a tree or covered area) and carry a bottle of water to take frequent sips

– Take multiple breaks during playtime

– While playing if a child complains of excessive sweating and fatigue, it is important to stop the activity and allow them to take rest

– It is advisable to drink water/ fluids if the kid has not urinated in the last 3 hours

– Avoid heavy meals and cold drinks

– Prefer eating healthy food rather the oily food

– If children experience symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, or fatigue, it is important to move immediately to a cooler area

– Wear cotton and light-shaded clothes; avoid tight-fitted clothes

– Avoid eating ice

– For kids and adolescents avoid strenuous exercise and playing outdoors during the day time. Either before 9 am or after 6 pm is prescribed

– It is advised to avoid caffeine like tea, coffee, cold drinks, etc.

– Never leave the child alone in a parked car as the temperature inside a car can rise very quickly.

Dr Sadawarte shares that if you think your child is suffering from any heat-related ailments please consult a nearby health expert on priority.

Keep your it cool for when your child is feeling hot, give them a cool bath or water mist to cool down. Swimming is another great way to cool off while staying active.

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