Summer Shopping Guide: 5 Essentials To Stash In Your Pantry

Planning your diet during summer is not as easy as it seems. The season brings along a range of health troubles, making it difficult to decide on what to eat and which one to eliminate. Diet regime varies from person to person, depending on their health condition, food preferences and other such factors. But what remains common for all is the craving for cooling foods. To beat the scorching heat outside, we resort to a variety of foods and beverages that are soul soothing and cool us down instantly. Here, we bring you one such list of kitchens essentials that must be there in your pantry during the summers. Read on for details.

What You Must Keep In Stock During The Summers? Here Are 5 Options For You:

During summer, we tend to avoid stepping out of our houses as much as possible. In such a situation, you either resort to online shopping or stash enough grocery items in your kitchen. While rice, dal, flour, salt, sugar etc are common grocery essentials throughout the year, we bring you some food options that are especially for the summers.

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5 Summer Essentials To Stash In Your Pantry:

1. Dahi:

Dahi is a must during the summers. You have it as is, use to make kadhi or churn into cooling drinks to beat the summer heat. Besides being versatile, it is super healthy too. Dahi is packed with probiotic, fibre and several essential vitamins and minerals for overall benefits.

2. Cucumber:

A popular cooling vegetable, cucumber has 95 percent water content. It is low in calorie, high on fibre and can be used to prepare a number of refreshing summer recipes. From smoothie to salad, you can use cucumber in almost every dish you want.

3. Glucose powder:

Summer leads to excess sweating, which further affects our overall health. This is where glucose comes to the rescue. It works as an instant energiser to keep going throughout the day.

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4. Cooling Drinks:

During the summers, we stash a range of cooling drinks in our refrigerator. From chaas and lassi to nimbu pani, squash and more, we get a range of options to choose from. This are not only delicious, but also hydrate us instantly.

5. Mishri:

This is one essential ingredient you can keep in stock. It is unrefined sugar that includes the goodness of sugarcane in it. Experts often advise to soak mishri overnight and drink the water next morning. This is known to keep the body cool throughout the day.

Now that you have the list handy, we suggest, keep them in stock and enjoy throughout the season. But always remember, moderation is the key!

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