Sweet Summer Remedy: Including Mishri In Your Diet May Help Beat The Heat

What comes your mind when we say cooling foods? We generally associate the term with curd, watermelon, cucumber, mint and coconut water to name a few. These foods are not only refreshing, but also help prevent dehydration during the extreme summer days. Wait, there’s more to the list! Did you know mishri too falls under the ‘cooling foods’ category? You read that right. A very common food ingredient in an Indian kitchen, mishri is packed with nutrients that help beat the heat outside.  

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According to consultant nutritionist Rupali Datta, “Mishri, also known as rock sugar, is a substance produced from sugarcane. It is unrefined and considered the purest form of sugar. It is packed with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids and may help keep your body cool naturally.” Further explaining the benefits of mishri, nutritionist Manisha Chopra states, “Mishri is produced by evaporating sugarcane juice. It works as a good alternative to regular table sugar.” She further curates a list of some major benefits of mishri and explains why it is considered healthy. Take a look. 

Health Benefits Of Mishri: 5 Nutritionist-Approved Reason To Consume Mishri: 

1. Facilitates digestion: 

You can have rock sugar or mishri after a heavy meal as it aids digestion. It acts as a post-meal treat and instantly initiates the digestive process. 

2. Treats common cough and cold: 

Mishri has healing capabilities that may help treat several seasonal diseases, including common cold and cough. 

3. Increases energy: 

Due to extreme sweat and dehydration, we often feel lethargic during the summer season. This is where mishri comes in handy. It instantly helps refuel you with energy to keep you going throughout the day. 

4. Boosts haemoglobin: 

Mishri has been a traditional remedy for people with anaemia for time immemorial. It is packed with minerals, vitamins and amino acids and helps improve blood circulation in the body. Besides, it is also known to treat anaemia-related issues like weakness, weariness, and dizziness. 

5. Improves vision: 

In addition to being superior to normal sugar, rock sugar is a powerhouse of nutrients. This is why, it is also advised for better vision and cataract prevention. 


Mishri Vs Sugar: Why Is Mishri Considered Better Than Sugar? 

Both mishri and sugar are processed food ingredients. But the former includes no chemical that makes it healthier than sugar. As per Manisha Chopra, “Mishri is alkaline in nature that makes it easy to digest.

Mishri Vs Jaggery: Why Mishri Is Considered Better During Summer? 

Both mishri and jaggery are loaded with several essential nutrients and help benefit overall health. But jaggery is not considered a great option during the summer days. Wonder why?  Rupali Datta states, it is better to have mishri during summer because “jaggery is supposed to keep us warm”, whereas, the former has “a cooling effect” on our body. “Also, jaggery easily melts during summer,” she adds. 

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Jaggery is the preferred sugar substitute in winter.
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Considering all the positives of mishri, we found you some smart ways to include it in your summer diet. Take a look. 

Here Are 3 Ways To Add Mishri To Your Summer Diet: 

1. Add to beverages: 

Replace regular sugar in your cup of tea with mishri to make it a bit healthier. You can also add it to your summer drinks like shikanji, lime soda and others for added cooling effect on the body. 

2. Have mishri water 

Manisha Chopra suggests, “You can have it as mishri water during the hot summer days for its natural cooling properties. Mishri water helps to soothe the burning sensation in your body.” 

3. Eat as mouth freshener: 

Rupali Dutta suggests including mishri in your post meal ritual, along with some saunf. “It helps accelerate the digestion process in the body,” she explains. 

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How Much Mishri Is Too Much Mishri? Can Diabetics Consume Mishri? 

While we agree mishri is packed with nutrients, having it in excess amount may add extra calories to your diet. “End of the day, it is also a form of sugar. So, people with diabetes and the ones who keep a check on their calories should avoid mishri as much as possible,” concludes Rupali Datta. 

Now that you know of the various benefits, we suggest including mishri in your summer diet and enjoying the benefits to the fullest. But always remember, seek expert advice before making any major change in your diet and lifestyle. 

Eat healthy, stay fit. 

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